Checking In: Getaway House Mt. Adams

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Have you ever thought of going ultimately off the grid in a eco-friendly tiny house somewhere in the woods? Or unplugging?  GETAWAY HOUSE makes this all possible with some mystery added to it also. I recently experienced tiny house living in Mt. Adams, just a little under two hours outside of Portland, OR.  Use promo code ‘VALERIE25’ for 25% off your next booking.

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Raise of hand if Instagram has ever influenced you.

That should be every single one of us!

Earlier this year, I was smitten by Getaway House, a 150-square-foot, eco-friendly homes that wants to give everyone a chance to live little. A tiny house, cabin, whatever you want to call it out in the woods. I remember thinking about my obsession with the tiny house movement and my favorite book, Walden.

Instantly drawn to this whole unique concept, I knew I had to try out for myself. This Getaway couldn’t have come at one of the best times and caught on a crossroad of whether to move from Portland and head back to San Francisco or head to Madrid for a quarter and return to Portland. 

When I went into the woods, I didn’t expect a life-changing moment to reflect on life, of what was, is, and will become. I didn’t expect to be entirely ‘off-the-grid.’

No cell service.

No wifi.

Just me, Leon, and the great outdoors.

Checking In: Getaway House Mt. Adams image asset

Checking In: Getaway House Mt. Adams image asset

Located on 20 acres of a campground, I had one queen bed, well equipped bathroom with a shower stall, sink, kitchen, and table and NO TV, Wifi, or cell service! After completing my 12-step program of no-tech and fulling embracing being off-the-grid, it felt amazing to take a break from it all. 

How It Works

The week of the trip, I received the address, the day of we received the cabin, and the code. I loved the mystery of it. I used this time to prepare for my getaway by downloading an audiobook, podcasts, and a few good playlists on Spotify. 

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What’s Inside

These cabins are built on trailers, each has its own site, while you can see others, you are alone with huge windows into the wilderness. A picnic table, fire pit, two chairs are provided outside — perfect for s’ mores and outdoor eating. The kitchen is fully equipt with 2 burners on the stove, mini-fridge, and a table with bench/chairs. Although I was only staying there for one night, packing food was kept to a basic minimum, but you could easily bring as simply or lavish ingredients to prep and cook a meal if staying longer. Everything you could need is in the cabin, with olive oil, salt, pepper; they also provide exceptional provision items like dry pasta, pasta sauce, snacks, coffee, tea, and a few more things.

Getaway Necessities

The Getaway’s guide would have local places if you needed anything, although you could easily show up at Getaway House empty-handed and make it work, as far as food and beverages go. For a few extra dollars, there’s firewood for your fire, coffee, tea, snacks, and enough food for a couple of small meals (think oatmeal, pasta, and sauce, etc.). They also have the basics for cooking, included in the price — salt, pepper, hot sauce, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, etc. Getaway’s packing list provides ideas, check the journal before you leave for suggestions and information.

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What To Do

Choose what you’d like. Reflect, sleep, read, journal, play games… They also provided ideas of location attractions and things to do. They have simple mind games, cards, and books too. Though unplugged except for some pictures.


I have been reading the How to Getaway book by the founders of Getaway House.

I relate.

We are all very reliant on being connected and plugged in, and for myself, where my job is Social Media, having this tech detox was just what I needed to clear my head.  

The Internet slowly rolled out during my late elementary/middle school years and growing up in Silicon Valley, it was probably more influencing than other areas. Now we are plugged in all the time. Between game systems and tablets, TV, and phones, we are on something versus just make up their own lay outside. Having this time to unplug and genuinely reflect and getting clarity on life helped me most monumentally and making the decision to move back to San Francisco. This small getaway put things in perspective, outlining what it is that I want in life and what is important to me. 

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This trip was made possible by Getaway. All opinions are our own and as always honest. Use promo code ‘VALERIE25’ for 25% off your next booking.

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