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At Wellness Bum, we guide ambitious individuals towards embracing a lifestyle that prioritizes their well-being. Our mission is rooted in helping you find a balanced pace through consistent wellness and self-care routines. We trust that you’ve found us for a purpose. Beyond guidance, we are passionate about imparting knowledge and ensuring you’re equipped with valuable resources—freely sharing tips and treasures as we go.

Interested in sharing your expertise? We welcome guest posts on topics such as clean eating, healthy recipes, sustainability, clean beauty, travel, and blogging tips. Your insights would be a valuable addition to the Wellness Bum community.

Kindly review and adhere to the submission guidelines below. Ensure all fields are correctly filled out, including a valid URL and a fitting title.

Once your article receives the green light, expect it to go live on our blog within 48 hours. Additionally, we’ll proudly feature it across our social channels and email newsletters.

Submission Guidelines for Wellness Bum

What We’re Looking For:

  1. Language: All articles should be written in English.
  2. Title: Create an informative title that clearly communicates the content to our readers.
  3. Description: Provide a unique description. Avoid copying from the original article or merely repeating the title.
  4. Content Relevance: Submit unique articles that cater to our target audience and topics they are genuinely interested in. Preferred topics include Clean Eating, Financial Wellness, Healthy Recipes, Sustainability, Clean Beauty, Travel, and Blogging Tips tailored for Millennial women.

Important Points Before Submission:

  • Quality: We prioritize quality. Articles should have a minimum length of 800 words and delve deeply into the topic. Ensure your piece is original, fresh, and tailor-made for Wellness Bum’s audience.
  • Credit: We honor individual efforts. If someone else’s work inspires your content or if you’re using images that aren’t yours, always give appropriate credit.
  • Images: Use relevant images to better convey your message. For tutorials, include screenshots to explain your points more effectively.
  • Copyright: Submitting a post means granting us the copyright ownership of the article assisting in handling any DMCA issues. Plagiarized content will lead to an instant ban and removal of all your contributions from Wellness Bum.

What We Prefer Not to See:

  • Repurposed old content.
  • Listicle formats.
  • Links leading to affiliate, paid content, or reviews.
  • Spam or irrelevant links.
  • Topics that don’t resonate with our audience.

Submission Details:

  • Ensure your content is unique and not published elsewhere. (Re-publishing will negatively impact SEO.)
  • Articles should range between 800-1400 words.
  • Organize your content using paragraphs, headings, and subtitles.
  • Include no more than five pertinent and informative links (No affiliate links!)
  • Share your personal experiences and perspectives – we appreciate authenticity!
  • Attach a clear personal photo of yourself (No logos, illustrations, or icons.)
  • Email associated with Gravatar profile (used for Author Box purposes.)

Thank you for choosing to contribute to Wellness Bum. Please ensure your content is in English.

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I'm an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200), offering guidance to high achievers in aligning their lifestyle with well-being through daily wellness and self-care routines, promoting balance and harmony. Join me at Wellness Bum for tips on living well, and consider subscribing to my newsletter or booking a coaching session.