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Boba Milk Tea Recipe – How To Make Bergamont London Fog Agar

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Boba milk tea has become a global phenomenon. From its roots in Taiwan to its popularity in the United States and beyond, bubble tea has changed how we experience food and drink. But what exactly is boba milk tea? What makes up this iconic beverage? In this blog post, let’s take a look at some of the history, ingredients, and flavor-enhancing tips behind boba milk tea so you can enjoy it with friends nearby.

What is Boba Milk Tea?

Boba milk tea came to be in Taiwan during the 1980s when small shops began serving cold teas with chewy tapioca balls on the bottom. This combination of sweetened black tea or green tea with chewy tapioca pearls quickly became popular among millennials and gen z. Nowadays, bubble tea can be found worldwide in many different variations.

Exploring the Ingredients of Boba Milk Tea

The traditional recipe for boba milk tea consists of two main parts—black or green tea and sweetened condensed milk. Black teas like Black Oolong or Assam Black Tea are commonly used for their strong flavors and robust aroma. Adding condensed milk brings sweetness to balance out any bitterness from the black tea leaves. Topped off with soft, chewy

Boba Milk Tea Recipe - How To Make Bergamont London Fog Agar how to make boba tea

Matcha oat milk boba tea from Boba Guys

Crafting a Perfect Cup of Boba Milk Tea

Making your cup of boba milk tea at home is surprisingly easy! All you need is some black or green loose-leaf tea, some tapioca pearls (you can find these in most grocery stores), condensed milk (or alternative milk like almond or coconut milk), a few cups of water, and a filter for brewing your loose leaf teas.

This classic boba recipe we adapted for this particular London Fog Boba Milk Tea Recipe to make it a bit more healthy, plant-based, and equally delicious. But before we dive into adopting this recipe, it’s good to know exactly how it’s made so that you can compare and contrast.

How To Make Bubble Tea

Once you have all your ingredients together, follow these steps to make a delicious cup of bubble tea:

  • Bring 2 ½ cups of water to a boil, then add one teaspoon of loose-leaf black or green tea into it. Cover it and let it steep for 5 minutes before straining out the leaves.
  • Add three tablespoons of condensed milk into your brewed cup of black or green teas, then stir until they are evenly combined.
  • Place 1/3 cup of boiled tapioca pearls into a plastic bag, then pour two tablespoons of sugar on top (feel free to adjust this amount according to your desired level of sweetness). Shake the bag until all the pearls are evenly coated by sugar, then add them into your mug filled with brewed tea and condensed milk mixture. Stir everything together until it is well combined, then serve chilled!

Boba Milk Tea Recipe - How To Make Bergamont London Fog Agar HowToMakeBergamontLondonFogAgarBobaMilkTea1

What is Boba Tea?

Boba tea, or bubble tea, is a popular beverage that originated in Taiwan in the 1980s. It is a sweet, cold tea usually served with chewy tapioca balls, also known as boba pearls, at the bottom of the cup. While boba tea is enjoyed by many, the tapioca pearls that give the drink its signature texture are made from cassava root, which is not a particularly healthy ingredient.

What is Agar Boba?

Enter agar boba tea, a healthier alternative to traditional boba tea that uses agar, a plant-based gelling agent, to create the boba pearls. Agar is derived from seaweed and has several health benefits, including being high in fiber and low in calories.

If you’re interested in trying agar boba tea, you may be able to find it at specialty boba tea shops or health food stores. However, making your agar boba tea at home is convenient and allows you to control the ingredients and tailor the flavor to your liking.

What You Need To Make Agar Boba Pearls At Home

To make agar boba tea at home, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Agar powder or Agar pearls
  • Water
  • Sugar (optional)
  • Your favorite type of tea
  • Milk or non-dairy milk (optional)
  • Sweetener (optional)


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What is The Difference Between Tapioca Boba and Agar Boba?

The texture is one of the main differences between tapioca boba pearls and agar boba pearls. Tapioca pearls are chewy and tend to have a slightly gummy texture, while agar boba pearls are softer and have more jelly-like consistency.

How To Make Agar Boba At Home

To make the agar boba pearls, mix the agar powder and water in a small saucepan. Bring the mixture to a boil, constantly stirring to ensure the agar powder is fully dissolved. Once the mixture has come to a boil, add in the sugar (if using) and stir until it has dissolved.

Next, pour the mixture into a silicone mold or an ice cube tray and allow it to cool and set. Once the agar boba pearls are set, they can be removed from the mold and stored in the refrigerator until ready to use them.

To make the tea, brew your favorite type according to the package instructions and sweeten it to taste (if desired). You can also add a splash of milk or non-dairy milk for added creaminess.

To assemble the agar boba tea, fill a glass with ice and pour in the brewed tea. Add in the agar boba pearls and any additional sweetener, if desired. Stir well to combine, and enjoy!

Tips For Making Agar Boba Tea

  • There are a few tips to remember when it comes to enjoying your agar boba tea. First, store the agar boba pearls in the refrigerator until you’re ready to use them, as they can become soft and sticky if left out at room temperature. Additionally, eating the boba pearls with a wide straw is a good idea to make it easier to sip them up.
  • One of the best flavor combinations for agar boba tea is a London Fog blend of Bergamont Earl Grey tea, milk, and sweetener. When made with oat milk, London Fog boba tea becomes a vegan-friendly option that is sure to satisfy.
  • Agar boba tea is a healthier alternative to traditional boba tea that uses agar, a plant-based gelling agent, to create the boba pearls. It is easy to make at home and allows you to customize your flavors, sweetness, and milk preferences. If you don’t want to make Agar boba, you can also buy agar boba pre-made.
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Boba Milk Tea Recipe - How To Make Bergamont London Fog Agar HowToMakeBergamontLondonFogAgarBobaMilkTea4

Bergamont London Fog Agar Boba Milk Tea Recipe

Makes one 16 oz cup


1/4 cup agar boba (crystal boba)

1/2 cup brewed bergamot earl grey tea, chilled

1/2 cup (118 ml ) oat milk

4-5 stevia drops (or 1 tbsp honey)

1 cup ice

Tall cup and boba straw*

*I used BettyBoba brand


Add boba to a tall glass, layering it with the brewed tea, milk, and sweetener to a tall glass and stir well.

Making Memories with Boba Milk Tea

Whether you’re enjoying a cup in Taiwan or crafting one in your kitchen at home, there’s no denying that bubble teas bring people together worldwide over shared experiences with this iconic beverage. With its unique flavor combinations enhanced by various ingredients from different cultures, boba milk tea unites us all through our love for food and drinks—and ultimately reminds us why we continue exploring cuisine worldwide.

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