Fresh Salmon Spring Rolls FreshSalmonSpringRollsRecipe

Fresh Salmon Spring Rolls

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Indulging in a scrumptious lunch is an absolute delight! And let me tell you, this recipe takes it to a whole new level of culinary pleasure. Brace yourself for a mouthwatering experience with these delectable Fresh Salmon Spring Rolls. Picture this: vibrant greens, crunchy carrots, vibrant purple cabbage, refreshing cucumber, creamy avocado, and oh-so-tantalizing sushi-grade salmon, all wrapped up in delicate rice paper, accompanied by a divine Ginger Sesame dipping sauce. If you’re a fan of sashimi and fresh veggies, this culinary creation is a dream come true!

Fresh Salmon Spring Rolls FreshSalmonSpringRollsRecipe


    How To Find Sushi Grade Salmon

    I understand that the idea of making these rolls or working with raw salmon might seem a tad intimidating. But fret not, my friend! Purchasing sushi-grade fish is a breeze, and you can easily find it at your local Whole Foods or any reputable fishmonger or market.

    There are a few key things to consider to ensure you make the best choice. Look for a trusted source, opt for sustainable options, and don’t hesitate to inquire about the delivery days and freshness of the fish. The goal is to select top-notch sushi-grade fish that will elevate your dining experience to new heights.

    Here are a couple of things to know and questions to ask before purchasing:

    • Go to the right place. Go to a reputable fishmonger or market.

    • Choose sustainably.

    • Ask the right questions: Which days is fish delivered? Is it fresh or frozen?

    • And get them to pick you out some nice sushi-grade fish.

    • Use your senses. Never use fish with a fishy odor.

    • Let your fishmonger know you need ‘sushi-grade fish.

    Rice Paper Wrappers

    Now, let’s dive into the world of Rice Paper Wrappers. I understand they can be daunting if you’ve never used them. But fear not! They may emerge from the package seemingly hard and inedible, but they transform into pliable and delightful wraps with a quick soak in water. Follow the instructions on the package, and you’ll be well on your way to mastering the art of rice paper handling.

    Fresh Salmon Spring Rolls FreshSalmonSpringRollsRecipe28429

    What You’ll Need For This Recipe

    Now, let’s gather the essentials for this extraordinary culinary adventure:

    • 4 rice paper wrappers

    • 4 butter or romaine lettuce leaves

    • 1 shredded carrot

    • 1 shredded cucumber

    • 1 cup of shredded cabbage

    • Sliced Haas avocado

    • 4-5 oz of thinly sliced (1/4″) sushi-grade salmon

    What You’ll Need Know For This Recipe

    Now that we have everything ready let me share the secrets to assembling these delectable rolls:

    1. Begin by soaking the rice paper wrappers until they become pliable.

    2. Arrange one piece of lettuce on the lower half of the soaked rice paper, ensuring it fits perfectly and leaving a 1-inch border along the edge.

    3. Now, it’s time to layer on the goodness! Add a delightful combination of shredded carrots, cabbage, cucumber, avocado, and thinly sliced salmon. Remember, don’t go overboard with the fillings. Distributing them evenly is essential, creating a tantalizing journey of flavors from end to end.

    4. Here comes the crucial step: press down on the filling with your fingers. This action is vital because it tightens the roll and enhances its texture. Once done, fold the bottom end of the sheet (the side nearest you) over the top of the fillings, rolling it halfway into a beautiful cylindrical shape.

    5. Next, fold the left and right sides inward and continue rolling the remaining half until you have a perfectly formed spring roll. If the rice paper doesn’t seal, moisten the unsealed edges with a little hot water to secure the roll.

    6. Transfer your magnificent summer roll to a plate, placing it seam-side down. For optimal freshness, cover it with dampened paper towels.

    7. Don’t stop there! Feel free to create more rolls following the same exciting process.

    Now, take a moment to appreciate the culinary masterpiece you’ve created. It’s time to savor each bite and revel in the harmonious blend of flavors and textures. Dip your roll into the tantalizing miso sauce and let the explosion of taste transport you to a realm of pure gastronomic bliss.

    Remember, this culinary adventure is not just about the destination—it’s about the journey. As you bite into these Fresh Salmon Spring Rolls, embrace the delicate crunch of the lettuce, the burst of freshness from the shredded carrots and cabbage, the coolness of the cucumber, the creamy richness of the avocado, and the buttery, melt-in-your-mouth sensation of the sushi grade salmon. Every ingredient plays its part in creating a symphony of flavors that will dance on your taste buds.

    Fresh Salmon Spring Rolls FreshSalmonSpringRollsRecipe28329

    Feel free to experiment and make each roll your own. Add a touch of zing with a sprinkle of sesame seeds, a drizzle of soy-free Ginger Sesame sauce, or a tangy ponzu sauce (not soy-free). Let your creativity soar as you explore different combinations of vegetables, herbs, or even a hint of spice to take these rolls to new heights of deliciousness.

    And let’s not forget the visual appeal. These vibrant rolls, with their colorful ingredients peeking through the translucent rice paper, are also a feast for the eyes. They’re perfect for impressing guests at a dinner party or brightening your lunchtime routine.

    So, don’t be intimidated by the process. Embrace the joy of creation and the satisfaction of crafting something beautiful and mouthwatering. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a kitchen novice, these Fresh Salmon Spring Rolls offer a delightful and rewarding culinary experience.

    Now, go forth, armed with this newfound knowledge and confidence, and create your very own masterpiece. Let the enticing aromas and flavors fill your kitchen and tantalize your senses. Bon appétit!

    Not sure how to cut sushi-grade salmon? Here’s a great video: How To Cut Sushi Grade Salmon.

    Fresh Salmon Spring Rolls FreshSalmonSpringRollsRecipe28229

    Fresh Spring Salmon Rolls Recipe



    4 rice paper wrappers

    4 butter or romaine lettuce leaves

    1 carrot, shredded

    1 cucumber, shredded

    1 cup cabbage, shredded

    Haas avocado, sliced

    4-5 oz sushi-grade salmon, thinly sliced (1/4″)*

    Sauce: Ginger Sesame dipping sauce

    *Alternatively, you can use smoked Salmon. We recommend the Chasing Sea’s Brand.


    Soak rice paper wrappers.

    Arrange one piece of lettuce on bottom half of soaked rice paper, folding or tearing to fit and leaving a 1-inch border along the edge.

    Top with some of the carrots, cabbage, cucumber, avocado, and salmon. Don’t overfill. Make sure the ingredients are not clumped together in the center, but evenly distributed from one end to the other.

    Pressing down on the filling with your fingers (pressing down on the ingredients is particularly important because it tightens the roll), fold the bottom end of the sheet (side nearest you) over the top of the fillings and roll into a cylindrical shape halfway.

    Fold the left and right sides inward and complete rolling the remaining half. If rice paper is too dry to seal, moisten unsealed edges with a little more hot water.

    Transfer summer roll to a plate, seam-side down, slice and cover with dampened paper towels.

    Make additional roll in the same manner.


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