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Are you getting ready for your next big trip? If so, make sure to check out our latest travel outfit essentials edit! We’ve put together a list of must-have pieces that will help keep you looking stylish while on the go. Whether you’re exploring a new city or enjoying a relaxing beach vacation, these items will help you feel your best. So be sure to give them a try and see for yourself!

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Dressing room selfie ???????? cause dang the lighting at Everlane is pretty amazing! ✨

Can I admit something? I’ve never been on to shop or be the type of girl that enjoyed spending countless hours at the mall. Shopping gives me anxiety. However, I’ll admit, I used to be a fast-fashion consumer… H&M, Zara, Forever21… the list is endless. A few years ago, when I made the decision to make changes in my life for the sake of the environment and the ethics behind it all, it made me realize and open my eyes to the brands and makers that are making a difference.


Radical Transparency, quality designs, and ethical sourcing

I’m passionate about making a difference and admire radical transparency, quality designs, and ethical sourcing, so, when I first learned about Everlane, I was thrilled!

This ethical clothing brand makes it so much easier to be green when it comes to fashion. I’ll be candid with you, I used to be a mass consumer of fast-fashion brands, but those days are behind me. I might not live in Portland anymore, but in my time there, it’s influenced a lot of my everyday life.

Part of the Portland-culture is living with intention from what you eat to the clothing you wear. It’s a place that opened my eyes to sustainability. When I’ve chosen to add a new item of clothing to my wardrobe, it’s either been picking items from Crossroads, Buffalo Exchange, Poshmark, or ThredUp. New items it is about understanding who makes them and how they are made. I also utilize services like Rent The Runway, where you can rent trendy items. It’s like borrowing from your fashion-forward best friend!

Fast Fashion vs Sustainable Ethical Fashion

While “fast fashion” represents clothing that is cheaply made and intended for short-term use, “sustainable” (or “ethical”) fashion is the opposite. Sustainable and ethical fashion takes into account the full lifecycle of the product, from the design, sourcing, and production processes. It looks at everyone and everything being affected by it, from the environment to the workers and communities where it’s produced to the consumers who purchase it.

It’s a complicated issue, and there isn’t one brand that’s currently capable of tackling every single thing. Still, five main issues are being addressed in the fashion industry: Water usage, hazardous chemicals, short lifecycle, waste, and agriculture of natural fabrics. Not sure where to start? Good On You app is my go-to source for discovering brands and learning more about their footprint.

I love that Everlane focuses on ethics and transparency, showing its markup process for each garment and showcasing factories to give an idea of where it sources from. It claims every factory gets audited and scored during the selection process. Radically transparent.

Their radical approach to transparency is impressive, sharing with customers how much their clothes cost to make. Everlane reveals the actual costs behind all of it’s products—from materials to labor to transportation—then offer them to us the customers, minus the traditional retail markup.

Aside from all of this, their clothing is quality and meant to last. It’s quickly become my go-to brand if I’m not buying from thrift stores like Poshmark, ThredUp or Crossroads. As a traveler, their clothing is perfect. I want to share with you my five favorite staples for travel that are from Everlane.


Everlane Travel Outfit Essentials Edit



Everlane The Clean Silk Cami


Everlane The Clean Silk Cami

The silk is produced in a LEED-certified factory, which means that they have reduced energy consumption in the production process. I love this commitment to reducing their environmental footprint. It truly resonates with me – so it’s pretty safe to say I’m behind this initiative. Camisoles are a major staple for me. It fits really well and is double lined, it’s not sheer either. The cut is flattering, and I love how this pairs with everything in my wardrobe. It’s a go-to piece for me, for sure.

Everlane Clean Silk Short-Sleeve Notch Shirt

Arguably one of the more ‘fashion-forward’ styles that Everlane offers. This Clean Silk Short-Sleeve Notch Shirt blouse is nothing short of be-a-uti-ful. The silk is supple yet sturdy, and the shape of the blouse is incredibly endearing – a boxy fit through the body with dropped shoulders and a block silk panel across the bottom of the shirt. I picked this up in the pale pink. This also comes in a cotton poplin which I suspect would be a little stiffer but just as nice, alternatively, you could just play it safe and grab the black or the navy. This is perfect with pants, denim, and skirts.



The Cashmere Turtleneck


Everlane Cashmere Turtleneck

Winter in San Francisco is mild and balmy compared to most of the country, but this beautiful oversized turtleneck to reach for as a staple for when the cold weather sets in. This sweater might be a wool-cashmere mix, but it doesn’t have the soft feel of Everlane’s iconic cashmere sweaters. It’s a perfect piece that will go well with anything in your wardrobe, helping to minimize the items you pack during your travels.



The Japanese GoWeave Essential Jumpsuit


Everlane Japanese GoWeave Essential Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are my go-to’s! I live in them. I frequently fantasize about replacing my entire wardrobe with a rotating selection of jumpsuits: they’re utilitarian and comfortable, a low-maintenance way to look instantly put together. I’ve even jokingly (with a lot of truth) said to friends that if I ever get married again, I want my wedding dress to be a full-on sparkly J-Lo-esque jumpsuit. I was pleasantly surprised with Everlane Japanese GoWeave Essential Jumpsuit! I’m five-foot-two and was worried the jumpsuits here would drag on the ground. I’m happy to report it didn’t. The length was fine flats and would be perfect with heels, and the fit worked well, particularly after I made use of the little sash, which I almost forgot in a bathroom at one point because it was not attached (a warning). Jumpsuits are great for travel. You can dress them up or down, and layer them up or down.


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Everlane GoWeave Trousers

A pair of straight-leg or skinny trousers is one of my go-to’s for every day, especially while exploring. The GoWeave is designed to be wrinkle-resistant, making them a great everyday option as well as the perfect pair of work trousers to travel with. But, don’t throw this crumpled into a suitcase as you’re going to end up with wrinkle problems!


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