Here Are Some Amazing Benefits of a Sugar Detox

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A sugar detox can range from a week, 10 days or even 21 days. It is essentially cutting out refined sugar as much as possible. It is proven to have great benefits for your body. Keep reading to find out the benefits!
Why give up sugar? It causes tooth decay, diabetes, inflammation to name a few. I’m ready to reset my body and actually really listen to what it needs. That means NO added sugar. No honey, agave, or any sweetener.

I’m always up for a challenge and today I officially started my 7-day sugar detox with Rachel from @justdimpleit. This is for sure going to be a challenge! Ok, I know what you’re thinking… I’m a bit cray for starting this the day I’m officially on vaycay, but here’s the thing… vacation for me isn’t about overindulging and drinking. I stick to my normal way of eating. this for me is the perfect excuse to not give into the peer pressure to drink. During this detox, we’ll still be including fruit, but keeping it to the minimum. ???? Want to join us on this?

If you participate, the rules are simple! Follow us, tag us and use the hashtag #sugarfreeandme throughout the next week and you will be entered to win:
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Challenge will be from 4/24-4/30. A winner will be picked at random on 5/1!


Inflammation is the cause of almost all illnesses. Your body is inflamed because there are external things that it has to fight off. A lot of times, those external things that your body is trying to fight off originate from sugar. Sugar encourages inflammation, and it takes away so much effort from your body just to fight it off. With reduced inflammation, your body can focus more on really improving and making you feel good.


Of course, not all of us have to lose weight, but the kind of weight I’m talking about is weight gained from consuming too much sugar. If you don’t consume excessive sugar, you may not lose weight from a sugar detox. But the reality is, most of us consume more sugar than we need. The daily sugar limit is 6 teaspoons of sugar, while most of us consume 20-something or even 40 teaspoons of sugar every day! Consuming sugar also means taking in excess calories, so going on a sugar detox can help you lose those stubborn pounds.


Without all that inflammation-inducing sugar that gets in your way, your body can finally properly utilize the nutrients you consume. Because of the increased efficiency in utilizing nutrients, you’ll become more energized and more positive. It only takes a short time to notice the difference because it’s doing so many good things to your body!


Again, with better utilization of energy and nutrients, your overall bodily functioning will improve, including your cognitive functioning. You’ll be able to think with increased clarity and efficiency. You also won’t have to rely on coffee as much because of increased energy level.


As your body doesn’t have to try so hard to fight off sugar-induced inflammation, your immune system will benefit from the sugar detox. You’ll get sick less often and enjoy the advantages of having a stronger body.


Cutting out refined sugar is a tough thing to do. You’ll be avoiding (or better, overcoming) temptations and giving up some foods that you love. This sense of discipline can be applied to other aspects of your life, such as exercising and studying. Controlling what you eat may be tougher than you think, but once you overcome it, you’ll be a much better person.


Having a sugar detox can reset your body and keep things stable. When you feel your diet is getting out of control, doing a detox can help regulate your overall bodily functioning. With increased clarity and focus, you’ll make better decisions and get your life back on track again.

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