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Beetroot Salad with Plant-Based Feta

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This Beetroot Salad with Plant-Based Feta has the perfect balance of sweet and salty from the beetroot and feta cheese – SO good! Super healthy and tastes even better!

Prepare to have one of the best combinations for a sala: beetroot and plant-based feta cheese. Beetroots have this sweet flavor and it’s perfectly balanced by the feta cheese. SO good!

Even if you were to use normal dairy-based feta cheese, the tangy combination with the sweet beets are lip-smacking delicious!


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Beetroot Salad with Plant-Based Feta


What You’ll Need

4 medium beetroots
60 grams feta cheese
2 tablespoon roughly chopped carrot greens
2 tbsp EVOO
I garlic clove, minced
1/2 teaspoon salt (or to taste)
2 green onion, chopped

What You’ll Need To Know

Boil the beetroot on medium heat for 30-40 mins or until it can be easily pierced through with a knife. The skin will easily peel off. After removing the skin of the beetroots, chop the beetroot into cubes.

Roughly chop the carrot greens and green onion. Combine beetroot and toss together with the EVOO, garlic, and salt. Sprinkle in feta (crumbled), green onions, and carrot greens. Enjoy!

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