Discovering Wellness on the Go: Insights from Instagram's Parker Sisters aka @ExerciseWithExtraFries exercise with extra fries 3
Discovering Wellness on the Go: Insights from Instagram's Parker Sisters aka @ExerciseWithExtraFries exercise with extra fries 3
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Discovering Wellness on the Go: Insights from Instagram’s Parker Sisters aka @ExerciseWithExtraFries

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Exploring new horizons while staying true to your wellness journey – that’s the magic of wellness travel. We recently had the privilege to catch up with Joanna and Grace Park, the dynamic sisters behind the Instagram sensation @exercisewithextrafries. Join us as we delve into their insights on maintaining a healthy lifestyle while traversing the globe.

Introducing Joanna & Grace: Instagram’s Favorite Fitness and Lifestyle Dynamic Duo

Hailing from the vibrant city of Los Angeles, Joanna and Grace embarked on their social media journey in 2016, giving life to Exercise with Extra Fries. What began as a platform to document their workout adventures quickly evolved into something much more profound. These sisters transformed their account into a canvas where they share their sisterly bond, fitness odyssey, and the day-to-day moments that inspire them.

The Spark of Wellness Travel: A Balance of Routine and Adventure

As avid travelers, Joanna and Grace recognized that straying from their routines during trips often left them feeling less than their best. The duo’s solution was to integrate aspects of their daily rituals into their travel escapades. The realization that they felt better, both during and after the journey, sparked their interest in wellness travel.

We both love to travel and realized that we can’t just completely ditch our routine every time we travel. Even though it may not be the same, we try to add things to our daily routine and stay active because we know we’ll feel better both during the trip and when we return home.

Packing for Wellness: Top Five Essentials The Parker Sister Always Pack

  1. Sleep Drops: House of Wise Sleep Drops are a must to battle jet lag and adapt to new time zones. Their strategy? Adjust their sleep schedule in flight to match their destination.
  2. Probiotics: The sisters trust Seed for maintaining gut health, which is essential for overall wellness, especially when traveling.
  3. Digestive Enzymes: Grace swears by Arrae’s digestive enzymes, which help offset indulgent meals without sacrificing comfort.
  4. Workout Gear: Always make room for workout clothes and sneakers – hotel gyms and spontaneous exercise sessions are just a step away.
  5. Matcha Magic: Joanna packs matcha powder, her coffee alternative, for a quick energy boost wherever she goes.

Indulgence Meets Balance: Treating Yourself on the Go

Joanna and Grace don’t shy away from indulgence! The Parker Sisters shared, “We both always need to get our snacks at the airport, usually some chips and candy. It makes our flight and any downtime at the airport so much better!”

Nurturing Consistency: Wellness Practices on the Move

Although consistency isn’t always easy on the road, the sisters embrace the power of movement. They recognize that even small efforts make a difference from walking to utilizing hotel gyms. “We’re definitely not the most consistent! But we’ve realized that we feel better when we try to bring along our routine and get in movement, even if it is just walking. We typically walk way more when traveling than we do at home in LA. We also realized over the years to not be so hard on ourselves! We want to enjoy our travels, so we’ve definitely become more flexible.”

Defining Personal Wellness: A Balancing Act

For Joanna and Grace, wellness signifies a harmonious equilibrium. They emphasize cherishing their travel experiences, adapting their definition of wellness to suit each moment. While on the road, flexibility prevails, but they remain mindful of their routines at home.

“We’re all about finding a healthy balance, and we know that it looks different for everyone. While traveling, we want to really enjoy our time with each other or whoever we’re traveling with! So we’re definitely a lot more flexible with “wellness” while traveling. But that means we try to be mindful of our workouts and routines at home. We also walk significantly more when traveling than we do at home since it’s a great way to explore a city. Travel also really is a form of self-care to us!”

A Memorable Italian Journey: Wellness Bonds Unveiled

Reflecting on their trip to Italy, the sisters cherished the bonds formed through shared wellness experiences – from sunrise yoga and meditations to cooking classes and indulgent pasta nights. The connections forged lingered as powerful souvenirs of their journey.

“We went to Italy earlier this year with a company called Mira and a group of amazing women. We didn’t know each other before the trip, but by the end of the trip, we had all bonded through sunrise yoga sessions, sound baths, meditations, cooking classes, shared meals, and so much pasta, wine, and laughter. It was truly an amazing and magical trip. We posted a little recap of our trip on our Instagram!”

Advice for Aspiring Wellness Travelers

“Be flexible, and enjoy yourself! You want to be able to enjoy your trip and have the memories. We’re big on adding rather than restricting. So we’ll walk more rather than Uber or drive everywhere to add extra movement, or we’ll add on fresh fruits and veggies during a meal.”

Future Horizons: Sushi in Japan and Wellness Retreats

Exciting times await for Joanna and Grace! “We’re headed to Japan in September together! We’re so excited to explore and enjoy all the sushi! We’ll definitely be posting about it on our Instagram & TikTok, if anyone wants to follow along. We’ve also always wanted to go on a wellness retreat, whether like Miraval or an international trip! It’s been on our list. So hopefully we can check that off soon!”

In a world where wellness and travel intersect, Joanna and Grace Park prove that embracing a balance between routine and exploration is the ultimate journey. Follow their wellness adventures on Instagram and TikTok, and stay tuned for their upcoming adventures in the realm of wellness travel. Your own journey to wellness awaits, with every step taken towards a healthier, more fulfilled you.

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