Weekender Vlog: The Ruins of Bombay Beach 1 WeekenderVlog3ATheRuinsofBombayBeachformat1000w

Weekender Vlog: The Ruins of Bombay Beach

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Chasing the sunrise at the Ruins of Bombay Beach✨

The Ruins of Bombay Beach is a place forgotten by time. It is a curiosity that reflects the hubris of the developers of the whole area. Great dreams and vast amounts of money rotting away on various developments along the shore at many locations. Sad and sobering. If you stop to see one…. you have seen them all.

Located on the edge of a toxic desert lake, an emerging artist community is slowly changing the perception of a forgotten town. Located about an hour southeast of Palm Springs, California in the hottest and driest part of the Sonoran Desert, where the green highway sign welcoming visitors to Bombay Beach counts its population at 295. But, it hasn’t been updated since the 2010 census.

Weekender Vlog: The Ruins of Bombay Beach

Weekender Vlog: The Ruins of Bombay Beach

Weekender Vlog: The Ruins of Bombay Beach

The story of the Salton Sea and Bombay Beach is a pretty weird one and sad, too. I’d say, read up about this one to get your facts right. Still, it has something out of this world and beautiful in all it’s silence and smelly mud. It feels apocalyptic but people still live here. There’s even a bar but mostly it’s famous for the wrecked furniture that’s still on the beach. Be respectful and modest to the inhabitants I’d say as, yes, they still live here.

Weekender Vlog: The Ruins of Bombay Beach

The ruins aren’t confined to the beach. A 30-year exodus from Bombay Beach left many abandoned homes and trailers long-since surrendered to the elements. They’re peppered throughout the surviving remains of the town, windowless husks blanketed in graffiti, envelope by broken furniture and rubble.

Bombay Beach has been in this state for decades, teetering toward ghost town status. There is something beautifully eerie about Bombay Beach. It looks very deserted but the art installations are way cool. Definitely worth checking out, but whatever you do DO NOT GO IN THE WATER!!! It’s a toxic wasteland.

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