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Happy Sunday my beautiful friends! Last Fall I introduced a series of interviews called #LETSCHAT with the amazing women that inspire me. This weekly series is based on incredible, strong and empowering individuals that inspire me through health and wellness. They are people that have made an impact on my life, big and small, that motivate me to be a better version of me, and I hope they can inspire you as well.

This week’s #LETSCHAT I’m introducing you to Jessica Kwock of @TheForeverFeminist and Lagree Fitness Instructor at Heartcore in the SF Bay Area.

Jessica and I first connected IRL (in real life) three years ago through our obsession with SoulCycle 7am rides and SoulSurviver… and possibly our common love for EDM! This was also the year: Ellen’s Oscar Selfie, Kimye get hitched, Pharrell made us “Happy,” and the Ice bucket challenge went viral. (Thanks, SoulCycle for the souliversary reminder…!) And, like those things that happened that year, Jessica has a way of making those around her happy and feeling empowered to be and do good.

I feel so lucky to have someone like her in my life. She is one of the most inviting, genuine, kind-hearted people I’ve ever met. Jessica is empowering, funny, cool as hell, and makes you actually want to be a better person. She’s the real deal and the voice behind TheForeverFeministan account that spreads awareness for overall human compassion and intersectional space for womxn. She is currently training to become a sexual assault counselor, which is pretty darn amazing, because that takes a special type of person to help others in that manner.

And… I can thank Jessica for my obsession of Lagree Fitness megaformer workouts. If you live in the Bay Area, take her class. Her classes are high- energy, paired with a dope EDM playlists, that will keep you pushing yourself to limits that you didn’t even know you were possible of doing. You’ll leave feeling like a badass chick… I promise you that!

So, let’s get started…

VF: Tell us about yourself: what do you do, location, hobbies…

JK: I live in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. While I work in Sales for an EdTech company, I am also a Senior Instructor at Heartcore in Redwood City.

I love to exercise, mostly group fitness, but anything that gets me sweating. I love to try new restaurants– my go-to order is always the Chef’s tasting menu (because why not, really).

I am obsessed with music and love to go to shows with friends and dance the whole time. Fun fact about me: I’ve seen every episode of Law and Order: SVU at least three times, and I am really good at eating or watching movies alone.


VF: The first thing I do when I wake up is…

JK: After I snooze 3-7 times, I get up, brush my teeth, and make coffee.

VF: FINISH  THIS SENTENCE… “The one thing that I can’t live without is…”

JK: A sports bra

VF: I live by these words…

JK: Trust your struggle.

Small acts can change the world and that keeps me hopeful and happy.


JK:  Confident women who are dedicated to their passions, act selflessly in service of others, and go after what they want.


VF: WHAT IS YOUR RECIPE FOR a happy, healthy life?

JK: Balance! I work hard, play hard, and eat hard. I try to keep a good balance between all three. But, if I go off the deep end with the eat or play hard pieces, I try to be kind to myself and try again!

It’s also important for me to identify the ways in which I can personally work to make the world a better place. Sometimes it’s volunteer work or fundraising for community organizations like Planned ParenthoodOther times it’s speaking out against injustice at protests or on social media and other times, it’s having difficult conversations with friends and family. Small acts can change the world and that keeps me hopeful and happy.


JK: Perfect Bar Almond Butter; like can I have 3 of these a day…!



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VF: If YOU had one week to escape yOUR every daY, WHERE WOULD YOU GO?

JK: Take a beach vacation and leave all electronic devices behind.

VF: FINISH THIS STATEMENT: “Everything tastes better with a little…”


VF: Where can we follow you?

Insta:  @TheForeverFeminist

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