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Execute the correct tipping custom in a new country can be an etiquette minefield that can pose possible problems–especially when you don’t know the local language. Here are five tips to help avoid any sort of awkward situation and be on point.

Screenshot Go Compare

Screenshot Go Compare

Be suspicious about what’s on your bill. When it comes to tipping it often pays off to be suspicious about what’s on your bill. You don’t know what’s included if you can’t speak or read the language. Get some advice from the hotel staff about what is commonly loaded on the bill.

Follow the local lead on tipping. If no one does, then don’t. (I get it, it can be weird not tipping.)If tipping requires paying more on top of than you would at home than not doing so much might place you in an extremely awkward position.

Don’t over tip. American’s often over tip in foreign countries. Being an overly generous tipper can have unintended consequences, especially for travelers who come after you. They might be expected to follow your lead.

Have a stash of low-denomination bills ready for doormen, porters, and taxi drivers. Think of it as being part of the price, rather than an optional extra.

Find out from an independent source of truth for how much to tip. If someone has no vested interest in recommending you to tip, then you’re more likely to get accurate information.

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