How A Good Concierge Can Make Your Trip Unstoppable

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Think a concierge is only for the wealthy business type? Think again. I’ve made a career out of helping Silicon Valley elite with their daily lives, and you can sure bet that coordinating travel is a big part of it. With ten years in my line of work, I’ve got some secrets, and it starts with the concierge. A concierge can make a difference in your trip.

That extensive knowledge is available to any guest, absolutely free.

A great concierge is the gatekeeper to their city and is the key to unlocking exactly the experiences a guest at their hotel is after. They are the ultimate insider. They’re a great place to start for personalized suggestions and advice on tours and outings. As they are specialists in their city, you can expect a pretty solid and tailored piece of advice.

I can’t tell you how many times hotel concierges have helped with arranging hard-to-get Michelin starred restaurants from places in London or Tokyo to reserving hard-to-snag tickets.

Best of all? That extensive knowledge is available to any guest, absolutely free.

Concierges engage guests in a variety of ways. From helping with basic necessities, like finding parking spaces or getting directions, to planning the entire duration of a stay to helping you find a power adapter to your electronics that you forgot at home. If you have an unusual request, like trying to hunt down a certain gift to take back home, a concierge can save you a wealth of time and help find the best in class. They can even arrange to buy it on your behalf.

Know that an experienced concierge won’t be fazed even by unusual requests, so don’t be shy about asking for help. If they don’t know the answers themselves, they’ll have an impeccable contact book to find someone in the city who does.

My best advice is to call in advance and share your itinerary. The concierge is a local and can tweak your activities in a way you cannot. And, keep in mind the higher rated the hotel, the more well connected the concierge.


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