Unleashing Creativity and Building Community: An Interview with Markus Malmros, Creator of the Creative Camp. CreativeCamp

Unleashing Creativity and Building Community: An Interview with Markus Malmros, Creator of the Creative Camp.

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In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world, finding a space to slow down and focus on creativity can be challenging. However, Creative Camp has solved this problem by organizing a week-long retreat. This unique and exciting concept brings together creative individuals worldwide to spend a week working on their own personal projects while surrounded by like-minded people. Markus Malmros, the creator of the Creative Camp, is an individual who is passionate about creativity and community.

In this interview, Markus shares insights into his background as a graphic designer and data scientist, his idea for Creative Camp, and what attendees can expect during their week at the retreat. Markus also discusses the selection process for attendees, the types of creative projects worked on during the retreat and the importance of fostering a sense of community among attendees.

We’ll also get a sneak peek into the special activities and events planned during the week for this year’s Creative Camp in Pamela, Portugal, including sharing sessions, planned sessions, and excursions. Markus believes in creating community and inclusion among attendees and works hard to make everyone feel welcome and supported. If you’re interested in being part of this supportive and inspiring community, check out Creative Camp and see how it can help you achieve your creative goals.

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    Unleashing Creativity and Building Community: An Interview with Markus Malmros, Creator of the Creative Camp. Creative+Camp

    WB: What is Creative Camp? 

    MM: Work on one of your creative projects for a week in a large villa in a beautiful location surrounded by like-minded people. We spend the days working on our projects, doing sharing sessions, eating good food and going on excursions. I have run two camps so far and it has been a blast!

    WB: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

    MM: I’ve always had different creative projects going in areas such as art, music, video and design. Previously I’ve been working as a graphic designer and data scientist, now I spend most of my time on building a desktop app for image generation. 

    WB: How did you come up with the idea for Creative Camp?

    MM: I came up with the idea at a surf camp that had a great community of people helping each other out and trying to improve their surfing. But I like being productive by creating and making things, so I felt something was missing during that week. I had the idea that I maybe could run something with a similar supportive community but with a focus on creation instead of surfing.

    WB: What was the inspiration behind renting a house outside of Lisbon for the Creative Camp?

    MM: I have spent a lot of time around Lisbon and love the areas around, the weather is good, people are kind and nature is amazing with some of the best beaches and a famous nature reserve. When I started thinking about running Creative Camp, I knew this would be a good area, and for the next edition, we are coming back to the same area. 

    WB: How did you select the attendees for the first Creative Camp, and what was the selection process like?

    MM: I started with my own network by reaching out to people I thought might be a good fit. I believe everyone with the right ambition can create and grow, regardless of their current skill level, so I don’t have a very restrictive selection process. What I do want to see, though is an ambition and willingness to create, grow and explore. It is not for people who ONLY want to have a vacation and chill by the pool. 

    WB: Can you describe the types of creative projects that were worked on during the first Creative Camp?

    MM: It has been a broad range of projects in many different areas; some specific examples of things campers have created are surrealist painting, textile coral wall piece, techno jazz music, nature photography, short-form video, a strategy board game, songwriting, and much more. Some people work on projects in areas they are already proficient in, while others explore new ideas. 

    WB: What kind of atmosphere and environment can attendees expect to experience during the week of Creative Camp?

    MM: Campers can expect a warm and kind atmosphere with supportive and nice people. It is an atmosphere focused on getting things done and progressing while having a good time and taking breaks for enjoyment as well. I always select houses with large outdoor spaces close to nature and plenty of indoor space as well. 

    WB: Are there any particular goals or objectives that you hope attendees will achieve during the Creative Camp?

    MM: I hope they manage to progress and get some insight within their project and preferably finish something. It is all personal and up to each individual how they want to set their goals and how much effort to put in. In this process, I hope to see people helping each other and having a good time doing it. 

    Unleashing Creativity and Building Community: An Interview with Markus Malmros, Creator of the Creative Camp. Creative+Camp+3

    WB: Can you tell us about any special activities or events that are planned during the week of Creative Camp?

    MM: Activities are divided into three categories, planned sessions, sharing sessions, and excursions. The planned sessions are run by me where at the beginning of the week, I do an exercise in people defining their creative vision and connecting it to their goals for the week. Then we follow up during the week and do a show-and-tell session at the end. The sharing sessions are voluntarily arranged by the campers based on their interests, knowledge, and what they want to share with the others, so they will be different from camp to camp. Examples of previous sharing sessions have been macramé workshops, art classes, yoga, meditation, video for social media, and many more. The excursions are based on the weather and interest of campers but could be wine tasting, beach, sightseeing, or hiking for instance. We usually have a rough schedule for the week and adapt to the people and conditions. 

    WB: How important is it for you to create a sense of community among the attendees and what steps do you take to foster this sense of community?

    MM: It is vital and the core reason why Creative Camp exists. The first step of community is to make everyone feel welcome and for people to get to know each other and feel comfortable. Having meals and doing some activities together is a good start. I try to create space for everyone to express their ideas and opinions without judgment during our sessions. Also, it encourages interaction and finding ways for everyone to support one another. I include campers by allowing them to influence the weekly schedule and contribute to the group by sharing sessions to create inclusion and ownership of the camp.

    WB: Can you discuss any challenges or obstacles that you faced while organizing the first Creative Camp and how you overcame them?

    MM: One struggle has been the fact that different personalities and creative areas require different environments to create effectively. Some want a more social environment with constant chatter and don’t mind the noise, while others want silence. I try to solve this by creating silent spaces or time boxing silent work time when possible. 

    WB: What kind of feedback did you receive from attendees of the first Creative Camp and how has this feedback influenced the planning for the upcoming Creative Camp?

    MM: In general, people loved everything from the atmosphere to the other people and the environment. The main changes I have made as a result of feedback are making “work” time explicit in the schedule and eating at more consistent hours.

    WB: Where can people find you online and sign up?

    MM: The next camp is from 21-28 May in Palmela, close to Lisbon. There is more information on creativecamp.cc, and anyone can feel free to send me an email and ask any questions they have: markus.malmros@gmail.com

    Creative Camp is a unique and inspiring experience that allows attendees to unleash their creativity and build a sense of community with like-minded individuals. Markus Malmros, the creator of the Creative Camp, has created a space where people can come together to work on their own projects while collaborating and supporting each other. The sense of community created during the Creative Camp makes it so much more than just a place to work on creative projects. It is a space where people can connect, share their experiences, and inspire others to create something truly amazing. Markus Malmros is a visionary who has created something truly special with the Creative Camp, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this inspiring community!



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