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Instagram’s favorite carry-on luggage for 100 Days. Is The Away Carry-On Luggage worth the hype?

Let's get into the good, the bad, and the ugly of the Away Carry-On

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I tried Instagram’s favorite carry-on luggage for 100 days — the Away Carry-On Luggage. Is it worth the hype? The TL;DR version is: I’m sure you’ve been guilty of being influenced by the ‘gram to purchase something. I know I have ????????‍♀️ It was only natural for me to purchase an Away carry-on suitcase to test. Despite the fact I already owned a couple of other carry-ons from other brands, I needed to see if it was worth the hype. I’m backing it down for you. It’s the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The exterior of the Away Carry-On Luggage


Overall Impressions of Away Carry-On Luggage

Even with the scuff marks, small wheels, and slightly flimsy handle, this suitcase looks good.

I enjoy taking it on trips because it was a lot lighter in weight compared to my other carry on luggage. And with a lifetime warranty and a 100-day trial period, during which you can return your luggage with no questions asked, it’s a pretty safe bet for frequent travelers to try and test it out.

Key Features

For $225, you get a thoughtfully designed, sleek piece of luggage in your choice of nine different colors, sized to fit comfortably into the overhead bins on most airlines with:

  • A durable polycarbonate shell
  • Lightweight
  • An ejectable battery that charges your phone or iPad
  • TSA-approved combination lock
  • 360-degree spinner wheels
  • Leather detailing
  • Black leather luggage tag
  • Interior compression system
  • Hidden laundry bag



The carry-on’s ejectable 37-watt battery makes life a whole lot easier. Not only can I charge my phone (up to five times) at the airport without sitting next to an outlet, but I could also relax knowing the TSA-compliant battery could be removed without a screwdriver if I had to check it in. Just press down, and it pops out. The hardest part is just remembering to charge the battery fully before a trip.

The most exciting feature for me was that the Away carry-on came with a selection of international plugs, which came in handy when I landed in the U.K.


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Instagram's favorite carry-on luggage for 100 Days. Is The Away Carry-On Luggage worth the hype? 40 image asset



The outer shell is sturdy yet has quite a bit of give, meaning you can stuff your suitcase to the brim without worrying about damage from less-than-reverent baggage handlers. Although the exterior is prone to scuffs and the sewn fabric that holds the two halves of the shell together seems like a potential weak spot

This bag can be thrown in and out of an Uber and dragged off a plane without a worry, but be prepared for some scratches on the shell. But with normal wear and tear, even with the matte material, scuffs can be seen.

Lighter colors show black marks as well. I got the color “sand,” a light beige that looks lovely but seems to scuff a lot. I haven’t had to check mine in just yet, and it has still managed to get scuffed.

If you’re buying an Away Carry-On Luggage suitcase, skip the black or white bags in favor of a more unusual hue, as more than once I have grabbed someone else’s Away bag from the carousel and nearly walked away with it. I purchased my new bag in beige, but there’s also an attractive coast blue, deep forest green, and plenty of limited-edition shades. If you do opt for black or white, add a very identifiable tag or something to stand out from the baggage carousel crowd.

The wheels roll smoothly if you don’t overpack and opt not to travel to locations with on cobblestone, but that’s tough for most suitcases. This has to do with the small wheels; most brands tend to believe they are functional. They aren’t. All four rotate a full 360 degrees without snagging on regular concrete or flat surfaces.

The real test comes to the durability of rolling Away on cobblestone streets. Mine has glided effortlessly through Portland and San Francisco’s streets, offering such a smooth ride that I can strap my dog’s carry case on top, and he’ll stick his head out like he’s navigating a tiny and slow-moving car. On the cobblestone streets of Mexico or Europe? Not so much. But, that is expected as the wheels are small and not large.

The zippers are relatively sturdy and effortless to use. The handle sometimes feels a little flimsy, but it does the job. The TSA-approved combination lock is easy to set and will be a comfort to those who worry about people rifling through their cloth

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Instagram's favorite carry-on luggage for 100 Days. Is The Away Carry-On Luggage worth the hype? 41 image asset



Packing with the Away carry-on luggage has made it easy to stay organized. The clamshell design features two compartments. One side is meant for clothes and is covered by a compression pocket that smooshes things down surprisingly well. The other side is an open cavity with a zippered mesh closure, making it great for hard or awkwardly shaped objects. I put shoes in there, hats, camera lenses, tripods, or anything else I don’t want to carry in my laptop bag.

It also seems that no matter how much I pack, I can always carry my bag pretty easily, which I attribute to how lightweight the suitcase itself is. I also love its side carry handle, which lets you flip the bag 90 degrees more easily and maneuver it upstairs.

The Verdict on Away Carry-On Luggage

I give Away a 4 on a scale of one to five. There isn’t a ‘must-buy’ to it that gives it a differentiating factor when it comes to functionality. If this was based on design and the aesthetic, it’s a 5/5. But, when it comes to travel, I need function over design. The main problem is the wheels. Having wheels that small makes it harder to navigate on uneven pavement. And for the price, the value isn’t there, and would have been better off with the Beis carry-on suitcase.

Overall, this is a suitcase built by folks who understand what travelers need and put it into a package that looks really, really good. It’s lightweight, which makes it a smart choice for a carry-on.

There are still plenty of reasons to go for the the Away carry-on luggage, the least of which is its modern, minimalist look as well as the built-in phone charger. If you like traveling in style and documenting your trips, Away might be your choice.


  • Polycarbonate shell
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Waterproof lining
  • Four double polyurethane casters
  • Removable 37w lithium-ion
  • Sleek, minimal design
  • Price point


  • Sewn fabric that holds the two halves of the shell together seems like a potential weak spot
  • Small wheels
  • The handle feels a little loose
  • The lock didn’t always work properly


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