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I often get asked how I stay motivated to live a healthy life?
Boxing, circuit training, kickboxing, Megaformer, and spin… my fitness activities keep me busy. But, let’s be real, guys. Between work, life, blogging and keeping up on social media, sticking to a healthy routine can be a daunting task at times. And, digging for that motivation can be a challenge, especially when the weather is cold out.

I’m normally up by 5am, drink my coffee and eat breakfast, check work emails and out the door by 6:30am for a morning workout. But sometimes, when I’ve lost motivation, I find myself dragging and making up any sort of “excuses” and finding distractions until I finally just pushed myself out the door. Sound familiar?

Motivation comes and goes. But even when you’re fully disciplined, there are moments and days that are off. You feel blah. And sitting on the couch watching Bravo marathons of trashy reality television sounds so much more appealing than hitting the gym. But it’s knowing how much you want something that makes the difference. It creates determination, which keeps you disciplined. Like with work, you go in day after day because it’s your priority. With health and wellness, workouts should be treated the same. Sometimes you just gotta push through… Put your shoes on and get out the door. And remember that you’ve got this!

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Fortunately, Amazfit has got you covered making tracking your daily activity simple, straightforward and stylish. Sleek, minimal design… this is one gorgeous fit tracker! Sometimes, it takes an amazingly awesome wearable tech to get us motivated! My Amazfit Moon Beam style helps keep me accountable for my fitness goals, ultimately paving the way towards a balanced and healthy lifestyle.


The content of the smartwatch is comprised of ceramic. Yes! Ceramic! Making it the 1st ceramic core tracking unit, ever! So along with the resistance to dirt and water, it should also be quite difficult to scratch or otherwise damage. The band part, meanwhile, is removable, and the device can apparently be attached to any other 22-millimeter band. Ultimately, this is a beautiful fitness statement piece that you can wear all day. It’s minimalistic design, and a comfortable band is designed to fit into your everyday life.

Amazfit’s Moon Beam is extremely comfortable. Probably the most comfortable wearable ever I’ve worn and owned, which is saying a lot. Plus, it fits really well on my tiny wrist. That’s due in part to the band which actually is able to notch at the right place and the flat, ceramic disc that sits very close to the wrist.

As for tracking, the Amazfit is able to track steps and figure out calories burned, monitor sleep and buzz for alarms or incoming phone calls. It’s as basic as you can find, which isn’t a bad thing if you want a pretty fitness tracker without the bells and whistles. Step tracking has been pretty accurate compared with the Fitbit.

How do you stay motivated? Want to stay motivated with Amazfit? Of course, you do! Get 40% off your purchase at checkout by entering this promo code: MYAMAZFIT.

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