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Two months into the new year. (February, already? Really?) But, how do you stay on the plan?

Okay, one month down and a start to another month. This means the first month of the new year is over.

You did great for the first few weeks of keeping your resolution and goals to eat healthily and stick to a workout schedule. But, now as the second month of the year is here, you’re rolling your eyes as you open the fridge… ugh… you literally just want a slice of pie or Chinese take-out, and watching a marathon of whatever is on Bravo sounds a lot better than the gym. Each day you find yourself thinking of different excuses to possibly avoid the gym.

Let’s be real, we’ve all been at this point. The point where it is so much easier to fall back on old habits. But, ask yourself: how will this year be different? You’re got 10 months ahead of you to accomplish what you set out for. To keep you motivated, here are a few tips to keep you on track, and meet the goals you set for yourself. (Babe, you’re too legit to quit! )

Visualize it, and honestly see it

You need to see it to believe it. Sometimes a simple picture of your goal will help you stick to your plan. Cut out photos of whatever your goal is, and create a vision board. Are you more digital? Use Pinterest for this. Maybe it is a new swim suit from Oye Swimwear, or maybe it is a healthy recipe you’ve wanted to try, or maybe the number of the date you wish to reach your goals by. Regardless, put the pictures up all over where you will see them often. Maybe your bathroom mirror, your closet, your fridge, your laptop home screen, phone home page. The more pictures you can post the more it can really help you stay motivated.

Get in the right mindset

At some point, we are all going to come up with an exercise excuse or lack motivation. It’s normal. However, if we want to see a change in our bodies and our minds, we have to shift our mindset towards what we can do and not what we can’t do. In fact, take “can’t” out of your vocabulary. The next time you find yourself coming up with an excuse, whatever it is, try shifting your mindset to focus on something you could do and think positive. Shift your thoughts from the weak excuses to the attainable positive actions. Only you can overcome your excuses and though it might be hard and a struggle at times, your body and mind will benefit infinitely from the mere acting of doing something instead of making up an excuse.

Create everyday healthy habits

This seems obvious, but it’s much easier said than done. It is said that if you can do something every day, after 21-days it will become a habit. That said, give yourself 21-days of commitment. No matter how flustered you might become, just tell yourself you will make it 21 days. Break it down into 7-day segments, but whatever you do, don’t quit. You will thank yourself once you have made it to day 21 and now that “new thing” has become a part of your habitual routine.

Grab a buddy

We all do better if someone knows what we are up to. Find a friend who you know will help keep you on track. Maybe your friend will be sure to meet you every day at the gym, help you prep food every week, or even be a check in coach for you to see what you have done each week to meet your goal. A friend can be a world of difference when you are feeling unmotivated to stay on track. When I was living in San Francisco, my friend Lauren was my workout buddy. SoulCycle, yoga, Megaformer classes, you name it, we did it. It was a way to hold each other accountable.

Reward yourself for your hard work

Set smaller goals towards your big picture goal. If that means you went to the gym five days in one week, give yourself a treat like a facial, manicure or buy yourself something. Be careful not to reward yourself with binge eating. That can cause your reward system to backfire. And, do remember that cheat meals are just one meal, not the entire day.

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