Here’s Why Your Bucketlist Should Be A Goal List

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What’s on yours? ✨ 

Starting a business?

Snorkel in the Galapagos Islands?

Hiking Machu Picchu?

Eating pasta in Italy? 

Realistically, bucket lists should really be a goal list. Defining these you must ask yourself: what do YOU care about? 

It’s that time of year again where we all start to reflect on the year, the things we’ve accomplished and the things we could have done. I thought that touching on this subject would be appropriate as we all start to redefine our new year’s resolutions (err goals) for 2020.

As I’m reflecting on this year and my goals I’ve get out for, I’ve checked them off one-by-one and I’m starting to write down my 2020 goals. I love to travel, so for me naturally, most of mine are based on travel and experiences. Our world is truly magnificent and we each occupy just a tiny fragment of it.

Travel is a privilege and one of our greatest treasures, and we all should have a bucket list. It broadens our minds and feeds our souls, and who wouldn’t want to experience something wondrous or incredibly beautiful, whether made by man or Mother Nature?

To help you define your goals, journal and figure out those goals by answering: Who are you? What are your hobbies and interests? Base a few goals around those things.

Including family and friends in those goals.

This will fuel an enriching life because life is about the experiences you create with those you love. It’s a fantastic idea to include your family in some of your goals. For instance, you could add a goal of taking a road trip to the place your grandmother was born, or better yet, take that trip with your grandmother! This idea of including your friends on your life goals is probably where #squadgoals came from, and for good reason. Build in a couple of goals with your friends – you’ll be so glad you took the time to build memories with them!

Keep track of your goals and be flexible!

Goals need to be written down to feel real and tangible and to give them import. Write them down, and look at them often, then cross them off (mentally, even) as you attain them. But, also be flexible. So many fantastic books have been written about goals that didn’t always happen as planned (Cheryl Strayed’s “Wild” comes to mind). Be flexible in your goals, and achieve them even when things don’t go exactly as you planned.

If you love mountaineering, your heart might tell you to set the goal of climbing each of the tallest mountains on every continent. That’s amazing… but probably not realistic, not just from a physical standpoint, but financially as well. Your goals shouldn’t be easy, but don’t make them impossible either.

Here’s the thing about goals: they’re not checklists (like bucket lists are).

Goals evolve and should require a little more reflection and soul-searching. For instance, when I first started yoga, my goal was to “attend a live class once a week.” Now it’s “deepen my practice through yoga teacher training.” Don’t just visit the Eiffel Tower to check it off your list and move on. Savor each experience, build on each one and celebrate your success before you proceed.

Put it out into the universe, and share them with me. Let’s work together to put them into action! After all, sometimes the little things can be just as exciting as the big things.

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