Insiders Guide: Where to Eat in Barcelona’s Evolving Food Scene

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Where to Eat in Barcelona's Evolving Food

Where to Eat in Barcelona’s Evolving Food

In a city that prides itself on greasy tapas, potatoes with ketchup (patatas bravas), and bread smothered in tomato and olive oil plates as household staples, Barcelona is a trailblazer in foodie trends. And, like any major city, us Millennials are changing the way little by little. You’re starting to see lots of twists on traditional classics.

After calling Barcelona “home” during the Fall of 2015, I got to try some of the most amazing restaurants. Some places are serving up classic tapas, while others are changing the classic favorites by introducing interesting flavors and different methods of cooking. Here are seven places you need to try in Barcelona.

tickets bar barcelona

Tickets Bar

If there is one place that should be on your list, Ticket’s Bar is the one. The Adria brothers, who once owned the famed and now closed El Bulli, opened up Tickets Bar. The dining experience here like no other. It’s a combination of Cirque du Solie and Willy Wonka, and probably the closest you’ll ever come to tasting El Bulli. The food is out of this world. And, if you can score a reservation here, prepare to have your mind blown.

Casa Lolea barcelona 1

Casa Lolea barcelona 2

Casa Lolea

Everyone knows that Sangria is for tourists in Barcelona. The locals steer clear of this libation. But at Casa Lolea, you’ll find locals ordering this fruit- and wine-based drink without hesitation. Pair this with some light tapas and you’ll understand the magic of this city.

Bodega 1900

Bodega 1900

If you can’t get a reservation at Tickets Bar, head over to its sister restaurant, Bodega 1900. Bodega is closer to your traditional tapas dishes, but with a few different flares, you’d expect from the Adria brothers. The food is beautifully presented, showcasing the art form and pride in each dish.

la pepita barcelona

La Pepita

The Gracia neighborhood, La Pepita specializes in their pepitas — an open-faced tartine with certainly un-Catalan toppers like steak, fried eggs, and foie gras or blood sausage with apple. The place is taking traditional tapas and adding its own spin to things. It’s no wonder it’s hard to get a table here.

bar mut

Bar Mut

A small yet chic gastro-bar on the border between Eixample and Gracia neighborhoods is Bar Mut. It is a modest and unpretentious place to enjoy small plates and excellent wine. The daily menu focuses on seafood. But with whatever you order, be sure to order a Vermut, the signature Catalan fortified wine.

Bobby Gin

bobby gin

Bobby Gin’s

This trendy Gin bar offers uniquely flavored tapas like shrimps encrusted in a sugary cereal or salmon ceviche. The establishment boasts a “Mad Men”-esque interior in the elegant Gracia neighborhood. Sip on gintonics and nosh on down right amazing bites.



Authentic Sicilian dishes and flavors? In Spain? Yes! Because after a while you’ll be craving places that are less Spanish and more something else, Origano is your best bet. You’ll find dishes that you’ve probably not heard of with food combinations that you might have never imagined. This is one to add to your list of places to try in Barcelona.

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