What is Period Swimwear and Does It Really Work? ReversibleTopandHiWaistBikiniBriefSet

What is Period Swimwear and Does It Really Work?

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There’s nothing worse than having your period and not being able to enjoy whatever you have been looking forward to doing with your friends. Let’s face it. getting your period is the fastest way to ruin your relaxation time, whether you’re on vacation by the beach, floating in a pool, or just hanging out at the lake. Without pockets and without being able to bring in an extra tampon or pad into the water (trust me, it’s not that easy), periods can ruin all sorts of plans no matter where you are.

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Leak-proof swimwear or period swimwear is a relatively new creation that is becoming more popular amongst us women.

With the invention of leak-proof or period swimwear, women no longer need tampons before entering the water. Different styles are available, and all of them can contain leaks that may come from a woman’s period cycle.

Similar to other swimsuits, period swimwear still consists of bottoms and tops. However, the bottoms have a hidden lining that helps capture menstrual fluid and prevent leakage.

Some women wear menstrual products while swimming, like tampons or menstrual cups, to contain their blood flow, which prevents leaks and is safe for use in the water.

But women who prefer to wear pads know how tricky the time of the month can be and can sometimes cause you to avoid swimming altogether when it’s the time of the month. Period-proof swimwear solves this problem and is made to hold menstrual fluid and prevent leaks.

Period-proof swimwear resembles your regular fitting swimwear but with a lining to absorb fluid. Some styles have room for a pad too. They are designed to provide backup protection when using menstrual cups or tampons. They are specifically made for swimming during your period, incontinence, or spotting.

Many competitive swimmers enjoy the advantages of period swimwear, which helps reduce the risk of leakage while they are competing. Because period swimwear is designed to keep in menstrual blood without leaking, it is ideal for women participating in competitive aquatic activity. Not only does this allow athletes to focus while they compete better, but it also prevents embarrassing leakage that would lead them away from the competition.

Period-proof swimwear can help those with irregular periods or who are entering puberty. Periods sometimes come without warning, and period-proof swimwear will provide protection for leaks during recreational water activities.

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How does period-proof swimwear work?

There are different types of swimsuits for menstruating women.

This type of swimsuit is designed to hold and absorb blood, as well as wick away moisture. It also prevents bacterial growth and keeps the skin dry. 

Period-proof swimwear is also more absorbent, and it dries much faster than traditional swimwear. These suits are made up of three layers: a waterproof layer to keep menstrual blood from leaking out, an absorbent middle layer that locks in menstrual blood, and a top layer that wicks away moisture from the skin and fights bacteria.

Some types of period-proof swimwear can absorb up to 2 teaspoons (10 milliliters) at a time. For reference, a normal tampon absorbs about 1 teaspoon (5 milliliters) of blood at a time.

This kind of swimwear is made to absorb any menstrual blood that may leak out, you can wear them with a pad in them so the pad will be taken care of. Period swimsuits can be worn on light days without a tampon or menstrual cup. You can wear your swimsuit alone or over your tampon or menstrual cup. You can also choose a bikini bottom that accompanies the top.

You can purchase swimsuits that are made of nylon and spandex blend materials, with cotton lining in the crotch area for absorbency. These swimsuits come in a variety of styles, such as racerback, one shoulder, and halter.

How to take care of your period swimwear

Washing your period-proof swimwear is easy, but you must pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions. But for the most part, it is very straightforward. Rinsing your period swimwear in cold water right after use and following specific instructions will help with the absorbent abilities of your period-proof swimwear. It is recommended to skip the fabric softener, as it may interfere with its ability to absorb menstrual blood. Most styles can be machine-washed and dried on low heat as well.

Apart from using period swimwear, there are other alternatives for swimming while on your menstrual cycle. These include tampons and menstrual cups.


When inserted, tampons are designed to gently expand to fit your individual shape so that you can feel comfortable and confident during your period. Tampons can be used while swimming but do need to be changed much more frequently than if you weren’t in the water.

Menstrual Cup

A menstrual cup is small, reusable, and funnel-shaped that gives you a comfortable, safe, and odorless period for up to 12 hours a day. A better tampon alternative! It’s also reusable and lasts several years meaning less time, money and stress! Cups should be washed and rinsed before each use and boiled every month for disinfection. They can also be worn while swimming.

One must make many considerations when choosing between using tampons and menstrual cups. One should keep in mind how easy something is to remove, as well as how comfortable they are with powering it back up.

Can you swim on your period?

Yes! It is safe, hygienic, and healthy. Swimming can even decrease cramps, and endorphins released while exercising are great for enhancing mood and overall well-being.

Period swimsuits are a relatively new invention. These swimsuits include a hidden lining that absorbs menstrual blood and can last up to 6 hours, depending on how long one plans to swim. While there are many considerations that one must make when choosing between using tampons and menstrual cups. One should keep in mind how easy something is to remove, as well as how comfortable they are with powering it back up. Period swimsuits are a great alternative without much hassle. 

Different types of period swimsuits are available, some of which can help absorb menstrual blood and keep skin dry.

How much does period-proof swimwear cost?

Period-proof swimwear is typically between $26 and $130, and is a great option for people who want protection while swimming during their periods.

The Best Period Swimwear 

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Best One-Piece Period Swimwear: KNIX Leakproof Classic One-Piece ($105)

Knix recently launched period swimwear that offers the same features as their underwear, adjustable straps, invisible absorbent pad, and other bras but with the convenience of swimwear. This suite includes a built-in bra with removable cups and an option for A-G cup sizes. This is perfect for anyone who worries about leaks or is just sensitive about having to change when they are away from home. The only drawback? It’s only available in black.

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Best Mix & Match Period Swimwear: MODIBODI RED Swimwear Bikini Brief ($26)

Of all of the period swimwear brands out there, these pair well because they go with bikini tops. You’ll also love that they are cost-effective as well and will fit into any budget. With so many reviews mentioning moms who used them for their kids and during periods, these can make it easier on your child’s first period. The brand holds up to two tampons worth and is best for light flow. Not to mention they are the most environmentally friendly brand.



The Best Overall Period Swimwear: RubyLove Period Swimwear Tank Set ($80)

When it comes to period swimwear, Ruby Love is the most colorful. Their organic cotton liner holds up to three tampons so you can wear it with or without protection underneath. With 11 different colors and patterns, you will find what you’re looking for. This bikini comes in an adjustable halter top with side ties to customize your perfect size.

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Best Full-Coverage Period Swimsuit: SAVVI WEAR Black Menstrual Leakproof Bikini Bottom ($30)

Try these period swimwear bottoms for a comfortable and reliable style. The gusset is 3.5 inches longer to some privacy during your time of the month. Made with full coverage and breathable fabric, these durable garments will be a go-to when you need to swim or not worry about anything leaking out.

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Best Brazillian Cut Period Swimsuit

MODIBODI Recycled Swimwear Brazilian Brief

When it comes to your period, you want to wear something absorbent but also stylish. These Brazilian cut bottoms made from a net material can hold up to two teaspoons of fluid. They won’t show any stains or seem like a diaper because they strike the perfect balance of style and protection.


Period swimwear is a type of swimsuit that is designed to be leak-proof and absorbent. The idea behind period swimwear is that it allows women to comfortably enjoy swimming and other water activities during their periods without worrying about leaks or accidents. So far, a few different brands of period swimwear are on the market, but does it really work? Many women have given positive reviews of these products, so it may be worth giving them a try if you’re looking for an alternative to traditional menstrual products while swimming. Have you tried period swimwear?

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