Superfood Spinach Hemp Smoothie Bowl
Superfood Spinach Hemp Smoothie Bowl

Superfood Spinach Hemp Smoothie Bowl

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This superfood smoothie bowl is loaded with powerhouse ingredients (but tastes like ice cream!) Satisfying, nutrient-rich, and naturally sweet, it’s one of my favorite healthy, plant-based breakfasts or snacks.

I’ve always been one to eat my smoothies with a spoon. Ever since I got a Vitamix several years ago, I’ve been hooked on making ultra-thick, soft-serve style smoothies and fruit-based “ice creams,” either for breakfast, post-workout snacks, or for dessert after dinner. They’re sweet and delicious and are pumped up with fruits and vegetables with no added sweeteners.

Why this superfood smoothie bowl will be one of your favorites!

Spinach Hemp Smoothie Bowl

Here’s why this superfood smoothie bowl will be one of your favorites

This superfood smoothie bowl is one of my favorites. It’s brimming with powerhouse ingredients, including spinach (packed with calcium, protein, vitamins A and C, fiber, and folic acid), microgreens (rich in potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium, and copper (2, 3 ), cucumber (hydrating and a great source of vitamin K, which is key for bone health), goji berries (which have the highest concentration of protein of any fruit and are also high in Vitamin C), almond butter (healthy fats and protein) and hemp and chia (high in fiber and omega-3 fatty acids). Frozen bananas give it a creamy and thick texture without the need for ice. Edible flowers can add color, texture, flavor, and nutrition to our food while providing us with some incredible health benefits.

Superfood Spinach Hemp Smoothie Bowl

Tip for making a superfood smoothie bowl

At the end of each week I peel any bananas that didn’t get eaten and pop them into a Stasher reusable bag that I keep in the freezer—that way I always have a stash of frozen bananas on hand. I do the same with spinach, strawberries, and cucumber. But you can also buy frozen strawberries off-season, and spinach, which tastes great. I also grow my own microgreens using Hamama, but you can also purchase them at grocery stores.

Hamama Microgreens Grow Kit

The Hamama microgreen growing kit, which is guaranteed to grow with just the addition of water, includes a microgreen tray, seeds, and easy-to-follow instructions featuring their patented Seed Quilts for effortless planting. Designed for clean and nutritious indoor gardening, it enables anyone to grow fresh microgreens in just 7 days, without the need for fertilizers or pesticides.

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Plant-Based Proteins

When it comes to making a smoothie bowl, you want your smoothies to be as balanced as possible, adding a boost of protein helps. I love using plant-based Sakara’s Protein & Greens Super Powder. It adds a creamy, slight hint of sweetness to my smoothies. I love that it has an organic mix of pea, hemp, pumpkin seed, and sesame proteins to form a complete protein that your body can absorb and use as fuel. Together, the seeds and proteins in this blend have the essential amino acids the body needs to support lean muscle development. Another great one that I love is the Amazing Grass Organic Plant Protein Blend. It’s another clean and complete plant-based protein and is available online on Amazon, in Whole Foods, and in most natural grocery stores.

Sakara Protein + Greens Super Powder

Sakara Protein + Greens Super Powder features 1 net carbs and 12 grams of protein from pea, hemp, and pumpkin, along with alkalizing greens and detoxifying algae, boosts energy, performance, and muscle maintenance while promoting full-body alignment and transformation through a plant-rich diet. Enjoy 20% off with our code XOVALERIE on

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Superfood Spinach Hemp Smoothie Bowl

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Superfood Smoothie Bowl Recipe



1 cup spinach, frozen
1/2 cup cucumber
3 tbsp Hemp seeds (Amazon | Thrive Market)
1 tbsp goji berries (Amazon | Thrive Market)
1 Banana, frozen
1/2 cup frozen strawberries
1/4 – 1/2 cup homemade almond milk
1 scoop plant based protein (I used this brand)


Edible Flowers
coconut flakes (Amazon | Thrive Market)
raw cashews (Amazon | Thrive Market)
Chia seeds (Amazon | Thrive Market)


In a high-speed blender combine all the ingredients and blend it smooth until creamy.

Pour into a bowl, top with edible flowers, coconut flakes, and raw cashews.

Enjoy immediately.

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Published in 2017; Updated in May 2023.

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