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Sunny Days, Happier Ways: 10 Summer Routine Upgrades To Shine All Season

Embrace healthier habits and self-care practices to make this your best summer ever.

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Prioritizing your well-being in the summer can be challenging. Unlike the cozy months when you can indulge in face masks, good books, and restful sleep, summer brings temptations like cold beer, hot dogs, and ice cream. With rooftop bars, road trips, and barbecues calling your name, it’s easy to stray from healthy routines. Plus, summer attire and social media can spark insecurities and a fear of missing out. The busier social schedule and the pressure to make the season “perfect” can make it tough to feel your best.

But summer also offers a chance for fresh foods, optimal energy, and increased happiness. Instead of the past years, use this summer to love your body more, cultivate joy, and improve your health. Make this your best glow-up yet with these ten tips to enhance your summer routine.

1. Summer-ify Your Workouts

Break out of your workout rut by taking your exercise outside. Whether it’s yoga in the park or a brisk walk instead of a treadmill run, summer’s longer days and warmer weather provide the perfect backdrop. Try something new, like a dance class or training for a marathon. Your summer energy and motivation are at their peak, so take advantage and mix up your routine.

2. Create Your Own Summer Vacations

Remember the joy of summer breaks as a kid? You can still capture that feeling. Use summer Fridays, PTO, or intentional weekend plans to bring more joy into your life. Even if you can’t take a full vacation, create “mini-vacations” daily by engaging in activities that make you happy and relaxed.

3. Summer Clean Your House

Why let spring cleaning have all the fun? Turn your home into a summer oasis. An organized, clutter-free space boosts your mood and helps you enjoy the season. Update your decor with colorful accents, fresh flowers, or citrus-scented diffusers to create a cheerful environment.

4. Eat What’s in Season

Summer makes healthy eating easier with its bounty of fresh produce. Crave lighter, fresher foods like juicy tomatoes, sweet strawberries, and grilled vegetables. Incorporate more water-rich foods like watermelon and cucumbers for added hydration. Base your meals around seasonal fruits and vegetables to enjoy the best flavors and nutrition.

5. Update Your Skincare

Achieve that effortless summer glow with a refreshed skincare routine. Use self-tanning products for a safe tan and update your regimen with exfoliating acids, cooling tools, and proper sun care. Summer skin needs different care, so adjust your products to keep your skin clear and glowing.

6. Take Advantage of Longer Days

Longer days mean more sunlight and energy. Use this time to pick up a new hobby, read more, or enjoy extra “me” time. Incorporate outdoor activities into your post-work routine, like dining on your balcony or taking evening walks. Make the most of the additional daylight to enrich your daily life.

7. Take Tech Breaks

Summer offers plenty of activities beyond screens. Commit to tech-free hours each week or limit phone use before bed and after waking up. Use this time for outdoor adventures, reading, or connecting with friends without social media distractions. Consider a social media detox to fully embrace the season.

8. Work Your Way Up to 10,000 Steps a Day

Fitness doesn’t always mean intense workouts. Aim to move more daily, enjoying pleasant summer walks. Whether you’re exploring new neighborhoods or just walking to your destinations, increase your steps gradually. Listen to your favorite summer playlist or podcasts to make it more enjoyable.

9. Grow Your Own Produce

Whether you have a big yard or a small apartment, summer is perfect for growing your own produce. It’s healthier, eco-friendly, and cost-effective. Start with easy-to-grow herbs on a windowsill or tomatoes and lettuce in a garden. Enjoy the satisfaction of cooking with home-grown ingredients.

10. Remember Social Connection is Self-Care

Strong relationships are crucial for happiness and health. Don’t skip social events due to insecurities. Laughter and memories with friends contribute more to your well-being than any diet ever could. This summer, prioritize nurturing your relationships alongside taking care of your body.

Embrace these tips to make this summer a season of growth, joy, and self-care. Your well-being deserves it!

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