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Sakara Review: How To Eat Well With Sakara Meal Delivery

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Eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard. Especially when you have a meal delivery service like Sakara to help you out. With Sakara, you get fresh, plant-based meals delivered right to your door. So whether you’re looking for something delicious and nutritious or just want someone else to take care of the cooking for you, Sakara is the perfect solution. Here’s a closer look at what this top-rated meal delivery service has to offer.

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Good and well with Sakara Life

I’m so excited to share with you all about my new obsession. It’s organic and plant-based goodness called SAKARA , a meal delivery service rooted in the belief that food is medicine. I knew we would be instant BFFs when I discovered they support this way of eating as a lifestyle, NOT a diet, which couldn’t align better with my personal values and Live The Little Things.

When SAKARA reached out to be a part of the SAKARA Circle community, I was overjoyed. The first I had ever tried their meals was last year when a friend offered up her delivery since she was going out of town and had forgotten to pause her order for the week. It was love at first bite. I knew I had to place my own order, but then the pandemic hit. Cooking at home and being home-bound changed my routine drastically just like virtually every single person on the planet.

As we approached 2021, I placed SAKARA on my vision board. I’m not sure why? The aesthetic, health and wellness, bright colorful food… I think it was more because the way the meals are designed and the colorful, vibrant ingredients used reminded me of the many dishes I used to make in Portland. In a way, I was manifesting this.

Sakara Life is a plant-based vegan and gluten-free meal delivery service, which offers life-transforming, plant-rich super meals delivered to your door.


Sakara Review: How To Eat Well With Sakara Meal Delivery sakara 30 day reset


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How to eat well and live well with Sakara

Sakara Life founders, Whitney Tingle and Danielle DuBois, known in the organic food biz as “Whitney and Danielle,” want you to feel sexy and confident while enjoying their innovative at-home meal delivery plan. The Sakara Philosophy is simple: food is fuel, and it affects all aspects of your life.

Being a Sakara Life client means she is eating clean, living clean, and wanting, not having, to do so. When Sakara uses the term “clean”, they are referring to plant-based, healing foods with purpose in your diet to help your body perform better. Weight loss, although often a side effect, is not the driving principle to this celebrity-approved lifestyle.

The principles of Sakara Life are simple yet cutting edge in a food culture where fad diets, calorie counting, weighing, and cutting out food groups altogether is the talk of the body-conscious, fitness-forward set. and, let’s face it, all of these fads have graced our feeds on Instagram at some point or another throughout the week.

Sakara Life provides clients with meal delivery without calorie counting, a protein that is derived from plants, one to three cups of greens with lunches and dinners, healthy fats, and get this: body intelligence.

The Sakara team gives advice on how to listen to your body for signals about how hungry you really are. They recommend putting the containers of food into dishes and sitting and eating uninterrupted, peacefully with no distractions. It also recommends starting the day with hot water and lemon and taking a moment of gratitude. This is very intriguing and I am loving the idea since this is exactly what I believe in and practice every day.


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Be well foods

I have a pretty specific diet and I rarely eat out these days, which means I spend way too much time cooking and cleaning. I’ve been looking into hiring a personal chef to come once a week to do meal prep, but as you can imagine that’s quite expensive. I thought I’d give SAKARA meals a try knowing that I would have to supplement the vegan meals with animal protein to reach my goals of toning up my body. 

In these next coming weeks, each week I’m going to break it all down for you, from the meals to the wellness products and a full review write-up. This will be a month-long series to help you understand SAKARA and why I’ve chosen to make it part of my lifestyle.

Lately, I’ve been feeling like I needed an internal reset, and this seems like the perfect opportunity. They do all the work in preparing your meals, give you a thorough step-by-step guide, and break down the benefit of each element. Not to mention they assign you a health coach (who answered my emails at lightning speed) and literally delivers everything thing you need for the week to your door.

PS if you’re looking for some savings before we dive into the details, just use code “XOVALERIE” for 20% off any order!

Plant-Based & Gluten-Free Meals Delivery

Sakara is not only organic and fully plant-based (yes, VEGAN- meaning no animal products), but also gluten-free, dairy-free (again, no animal products here), processed sugar-free, harmful chemical-free, and preservative-free. Amazing, right? I’m already salivating at the mouth.

This holistic nutrition program was designed to help heal the gut, reduce inflammation, balance blood sugar and hormones, and regulate the digestive system. YES, YES, and YES. Ok, are you sold yet? Sorry not to be pushy but I wouldn’t put it on my prized possession, this blog, unless I wasn’t 200% that into it.

How much is are the Sakara meals program?

I’m one of those millennials who pays for convenience factors that allow for more time in my day. Join the club, it’s effing fantastic! While it is a bit pricier, the Saraka Meal Plan costs $70 per day, $420 per week for a recurring subscription, or $440 as a one-time offer.

The 3-day service comes with a filling breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I also used detox teas and water concentrates. Highly recommend it as it just helps a ton with that “cleansed” feeling.

Is there a Sakara Promo Code?

Yes! If you are interested in giving it a try, just use my Sakara Promo Code “XOVALERIE” for 20% off any order for first-time customers.


Enjoy 20% off your first meal program or 10-Day Reset with code: XOVALERIE



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Sakara Review: How To Eat Well With Sakara Meal Delivery sakara 30 day reset


So, here’s what the Sakara meals routine for the next 3 days looks like:

What’s the difference between Sakara Signature vs Detox II Meal Plans?

Sakara’s standard program eliminates all animal products, gluten, and refined sugar, but the Level II, created with functional medicine doctor Aviva Romm, MD, takes it up a notch by also cutting out grains, sugar (fruit), nightshades (eggplants, tomatoes, etc.) and nuts. It also includes daily supplements, probiotics, beauty water, digestive tea, and a dry brushing routine. The goal? “Eliminate common inflammation triggers to release years of toxic build-up, reboot your metabolism, heal your gut, and reveal a lighter, brighter, healthier you.”





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Hit the reset gut health button with Sakara

Perhaps you are looking to hit the reset button on your gut health or a full lifestyle change, Sakara might be a good place to start.

Healing your gut and nourishing your microbiome is definitely a focus of ours. Our gut is the control center; if you want to change your body and take back your health, this is where you have to start.

This is the million-dollar question… does SAKARA help? The research as of now cannot definitively identify what an ideal diet would look like. Instead, focus on what you know works for you.

If you have an obvious problem with a type of food, you find that it gives you GI issues, that’s a good place to start. Then if you find that you feel ill in a more systemic way from certain foods, you might want to evaluate those too.

Look at what you’re eating day-to-day, and be mindful about how it makes you feel after. If it helps, start a journal so you can keep track of your dietary concerns (but please note: this isn’t a calorie counting thing; you just need to pay attention to what you’re eating and how your body feels). Or if you’re like me and need a bit of guidance, you can turn to programs, like Sakara Life that already outline potential triggers, so you can more readily identify causes.

Ultimately, Listen to your body. It knows what’s good for it.


If you’re looking for a convenient and delicious way to up your healthy eating game, Sakara is definitely worth checking out. With meal delivery plans that range from one-time orders to weekly or monthly subscriptions, there’s something for everyone who wants to enjoy real, nutrient-rich food without all the fuss. I hope this Sakara review has inspired you to give their meals a try – let me know how it goes on Instagram!

Next, I’ll be reviewing the Sakara Life 3-day meal plan.

Want to try SAKARA? Just use Promo Code “XOVALERIE” for 20% off any order!


This article was first published February 2021 and updated by our editors February 2023.

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