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Romanticize Your Life: 36 Delightful Ways to Make This Spring and Summer Unforgettable

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I believe that summer presents both the easiest and most challenging opportunities to infuse romance into your life. With blossoming Spring flowers, the advent of picnic season, and the substitution of cozy layers with nap dresses, everything seems to resemble a scene from a Jane Austen novel (complete with a wedding or two).

However, the scorching hot days of July can pose a real challenge that we tend to forget about throughout the year.

Romanticize Your Life: 36 Delightful Ways to Make This Spring and Summer Unforgettable 3

Romanticizing your everyday life involves discovering beauty in moments that offer both comfort and difficulty. While aesthetics play a part, creating and embracing this magic is a gift to yourself—a self-love practice.

We can certainly go through our days following a routine, but adding a touch of whimsy serves as the perfect antidote to living on autopilot. Thus, I present to you 36 ways to embrace your summer self and infuse romance into your life this season.

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36 Ways To Romanticize Your Life This Spring and Summer

1. Explore with vibrant smoothies.

Summer cuisine revolves around color. Enhance your strawberry drink with beetroot powder, add matcha to a classic green beverage, or introduce spirulina to elevate a simple vanilla smoothie.

2. Transform your wardrobe.

Speaking of colors, while summer black may be trending, this season calls for vibrant shades like pink, light blue, or minty green. Embrace an “anything goes” mindset as your summer affirmation.

3. Engage in DIY decor projects.

Who doesn’t adore handcrafted items for the home? Consider creating a minimalist console table or an easy mushroom lamp.

4. Elevate your supplement routine.

If you struggle to remember your morning vitamins, establish a supplement station. Find an adorable tray, place a bud vase, and perhaps add a crystal or two for good vibes—never forget your supplements again.

5. Embrace the farmer’s market experience.

Become one of those early risers who venture out on Sunday mornings, armed with a woven basket, to choose the freshest seasonal produce. This summer, you can embody that person.

6. Adjust your work routine for the summer.

Blue skies and sunny days can make writing emails feel even more monotonous. Consider working from a coffee shop, collaborating with a friend, or prioritizing completing tasks on a sun-soaked patio if you have an office job. Soak up that vitamin D!

7. Schedule walking dates with friends.

Arrange meetups with neighbors or establish a regular walking routine with a close friend. It’s a perfect opportunity to step outside, socialize, and bask in that much-desired vitamin D.

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8. Go camping.

If you haven’t embraced the wonders of the great outdoors, summer is the ideal time to embark on that adventure. Gather your friends or go with your partner, pack a tent, opt for car camping, or find a charming cabin near your city. It’s the ultimate reset. And sites like Hipcamp make it easy to find and book unique camping spots.

9. Explore a small town.

If camping isn’t your cup of tea, this suggestion is tailored for you. Book a stay at a cozy bed and breakfast in a charming town nearby, and enjoy the Hallmark movie vibes.

10. Revamp your nightstand.

If your nightstand has become a repository for miscellaneous items, take a Marie Kondo approach and keep only the essentials. Include your journal, current read, a glass of water, and maybe a small lamp (notice how I didn’t mention a phone? Detoxing from that is also part of the nightstand transformation.)

11. Indulge in a Summer Dessert.

Embrace summer baking or indulge in a repertoire of no-bake recipes. The possibilities are endless, from lemon poppyseed muffins to strawberry shortcakes and icebox cakes.

12. Seek refuge from the heat in a museum on extremely hot days.

Museums aren’t exclusively reserved for rainy days. Grab a friend, partner, or venture alone, and immerse yourself in the inspiration that surrounds you. You can check out Viator or GetYourGuide for great deals!

13. Experiment with a summer-proof updo.

As someone with long hair, summer can be a love-hate relationship. Instead of my usual ponytail, this year I’ll debut a braided crown (sleek buns reminiscent of The Clean Girl aesthetic work just as well)

14. Revitalize your summer lunch routine.

While I appreciate the convenience of my meal prep regimen, it’s time to revamp my midday grain bowls. Update your lunches with seasonal vegetables, a medley of fresh herbs, and a couple of flavorful sauces to keep things exciting.

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15. Reorganize your fridge—it’s long overdue.

Empty everything out, discard any expired items, and assign a proper place for what remains. Store leafy herbs in glass jars filled with cold water, treat yourself to a charming egg tray, and grab a set of those pastel crates that everyone’s currently obsessed with to add a touch of seasonal color. Remember, opening your fridge should bring you joy.

16. Send postcards because they exude a vintage summery charm.

You don’t need to be on a trip to let friends and family know you’re thinking of them. Spend a leisurely Sunday afternoon writing cute little cards and mailing them out. We LOVE Samba To The Sea for the beachy vibe theme postcards that will bring a smile to your friend’s face. (Check out our interview with Kristen Brown and learn more about her story on how she started Samba To The Sea!)

17. Switch to summer candles.

Save your white cypress and fir scents for the next season—now is the time to embrace floral, citrus, and linen fragrances.

Romanticize Your Life: 36 Delightful Ways to Make This Spring and Summer Unforgettable 4

18. Switch to summer candles.

Save your white cypress and fir scents for the next season—now is the time to embrace floral, citrus, and linen fragrances like the Casa Pacifica from Voluspa!

19. Enhance your lighting experience.

If there’s one rule to follow in romanticizing your life, it’s this: install dimmers for your lights or replace them with smart bulbs to customize the ambiance as you please.

20. Take everything outdoors.

Whether it’s a meal, a reading session, or your journaling ritual, summer invites you to enjoy as much as possible outdoors.

21. Get yourself a go-to hat.

Sun protection can be incredibly sexy. Whether you prefer a classic ball cap or a stylish sun hat, make it a staple accessory for the summer.

'Low Key' Baseball Hat

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22. Discover creative ways to stay hydrated.

Electrolyte powders? Check. Floral-infused ice cubes? Absolutely. Find your version of the popular Stanley tumbler or a reliable water bottle and keep it within arm’s reach. Need more inspo? Check out our article on how to keep your water exciting!

23. Perfect the no-makeup-makeup look.

When summer arrives, leave your foundation behind. Instead, opt for a primer, a few drops of bronzer, and whatever else you need to feel like your radiant, sun-kissed self.

24. Get adventurous with your manicure.

While everyone may be opting for OPI’s Funny Bunny, summer calls for something more extraordinary. Try lemon-kissed yellow tips, abstract swirly blue designs, or cosmic-inspired patterns. Take it up a notch with press-on nails!

25. Cultivate your own herbs or vegetables.

You don’t need a large backyard to grow a garden. Plant herbs on your windowsill, patio, or balcony, or consider joining a community garden plot in your neighborhood.

26. Freshen up your bed linens.

Make it a routine to wash your sheets weekly and switch to lighter, cooler fabrics for those warm summer nights.

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27. Make flowers a weekly indulgence.

We’re fortunate to have places like Trader Joe’s that offer a wide variety of blooms or if you want to splurge a little or have weekly florals delivered, we love Bouqs for curation of flower arrangements!.

28. Judge a book by its cover.

Yes, go ahead—it’s not a hard and fast rule, but some of the best recent reads are also the most Instagram-worthy ones. Exhibit A, B, and C.

29. Sip your coffee (or tea) from elegant teacups.

The grand millennial decor trend is still going strong and makes our morning beverage routine even more delightful. We are swooning over these from Mindset Dinnerware on Etsy, Catherine Martin for Anthropologie Starry Night Teacup & Saucer, or these floral tea cups from Amazon.

30. Experience the magic of solo movie outings.

It’s an excellent way to beat the heat on those scorching days, embrace your inner cinema enthusiast, and enjoy quality time with yourself.

Romanticize Your Life: 36 Delightful Ways to Make This Spring and Summer Unforgettable

31. Create a summer vision board.

Why? Because they’re not just for January! Cut out inspiring images from old magazines or explore Pinterest to set the tone for the upcoming months. Manifestation is not a far-fetched dream; it’s an intention to bring all that you desire into your life. (Download our Vision Board Template on Canva here.)

32. Schedule a midday movement session.

It doesn’t have to be complicated or lengthy; find a way to stretch your body between meetings. Engage in a 20-minute yoga flow at home with Alo Moves, take a quick walk outdoors, or try a lazy girl workout. Consider it a reset for the rest of the afternoon.

33. Refresh your content consumption.

While we all enjoy rewatching our favorite shows like Ted Lasso, summer is an opportunity to discover new content that will forever remind you of this season. Need a new podcast recommendation? An inspiring book to dive into? Or how about a fresh and captivating TV series?

34. Reinvent your online persona.

Take some time to reflect on how you want to present yourself on social media. I’ve realized that I can be a little wild and genuinely funny—and it brings me joy to connect with others by embracing those aspects of my personality online.

35. Chase sunsets and sunrises.

Wake up early or stay up late to witness the breathtaking beauty of nature’s light show. Find a tranquil spot, whether by the beach, on a hilltop, or in your backyard, and immerse yourself in the stunning colors and serene atmosphere.

36. Embrace the art of slow living.

Summer provides the perfect opportunity to slow down and savor life’s simple pleasures. Take leisurely walks, have picnics in the park, indulge in reading books under the shade of a tree, or sit and observe the world around you. Embrace the present moment and appreciate the beauty that surrounds you.

Romanticize Your Life: 36 Delightful Ways to Make This Spring and Summer Unforgettable unsplash image jiv4NngVq9U

Summer offers us a myriad of opportunities to infuse romance into our lives. It’s a season of vibrant colors, outdoor adventures, and cherishing the beauty of the present moment. By embracing these 37 ways to romanticize your life, you can create a summer filled with joy, inspiration, and self-love. So go ahead and experiment with vibrant smoothies, revamp your wardrobe, explore DIY projects, and embark on new experiences. Embrace the slower pace, appreciate the beauty of nature, and take time for yourself. Let this summer be a season of enchantment and romance, where you find delight in both the ease and challenges that life brings. Enjoy the magic of this season and make it truly unforgettable.

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