I tried Ritual Multivitamin — Here's Why Ritual Is the Best Multivitamin For Women in 2023 image asset

I tried Ritual Multivitamin — Here’s Why Ritual Is the Best Multivitamin For Women in 2023

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If you’re like me, you’re probably always on the lookout for the best ways to improve your health. So when I heard about Ritual — a new line of multivitamins targeting millennials — I had to check it out. Let me tell you, Ritual is the real deal. Here’s why I think it’s the best multivitamin in 202.

I tried Ritual Multivitamin — Here's Why Ritual Is the Best Multivitamin For Women in 2023 21 image asset

I tried Ritual Women’s Multivitamin, and here’s what happened… to be honest, I’ve been using Ritual for more than a month.. over five years now. So, I guess you can’t have a more honest review than this one.

I first came across Ritual on Instagram when a brand rep reached out about trying them out. Like everyone, I’m always intrigued by what I can give my body that helps support it. Plus, they have cool branding that wow’d me. But that’s not a reason to try a wellness supplement.

Ritual multivitamins only have 9 ingredients, and it is fascinating to know why and their claims as to why.

The brand stresses the importance of traceability and sustainability in its products, educating women on where the vitamins are sourced from, their environmental impact, and associated health benefits.

Buying sets you up to receive multivitamins monthly, in other words, establishing a health ritual. Priced at $30 per bottle for the Multivitamin ($35 for prenatal)—not bad at all!

Why are there only nine ingredients?

Ritual says there are only nine ingredients in their multivitamins (thirteen in their prenatal) because these are nine nutrients your body needs and can use. Most multis have 20+ ingredients you already get enough of from food on top of many fluff ingredients. Ritual contains only nutrients you need in bioavailable forms your body can use.

Here are the 9:

???? BORON
???? VITAMIN B12
???? OMEGA-3 DHA
???? IRON

Stuff that you already get with what you eat daily.

Traditional multivitamins don’t include omega-3s like Ritual does, because oily ingredients like omega-3s are pretty hard and costly to include in a dry multivitamin, and many companies don’t want to spend the money on a more expensive pill. Instead, they pass the cost along to you and require you to buy a separate pill for your omegas. -Ritual

How are their ingredients different?

Aside from only including the nutrients your body needs, I love that they tell you exactly where they source their ingredients. You know where it’s coming from; they’re high quality because this company isn’t about making money off you.

If you read about how their company started, it’s clear that they want to take the confusion out of multivitamins and get you what you truly need. Their ingredients are different because they use the same molecular forms of nutrients found in our body’s cells and healthy foods.

Case in point: many multivitamins contain folic acid for folate. Up to 40% of women can’t metabolize folic acid due to gene variations, and most women don’t even know they have a gene mutation. What I love about Ritual and how they research everything is that they use methyltetrahydrofolate. Your body can utilize that.

Skeptical? I was too.

Is Ritual a good vitamin company?

As consumers, we all have the right to be, but Ritual has put together so much info on its website to help ease your mind. And, thanks to its transparency and its traceable ingredient lists, this has helped Ritual become a highly reputable brand.

Here’s what they even say:

We’re proud of the nutrients we’ve sourced and the science behind them, which is why we’ve published our ingredients and fully traceable supply chain in plain view on our site. You deserve to know exactly what you’re putting in your body, and where it comes from.

Pretty sure 99% of vitamin companies out there can’t say that.


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Are Ritual vitamins enough?

This multivitamin is literally all in one. I don’t have to take multiple pills throughout the day, I take two after breakfast. While I won’t have to take a supplemental vitamin D3 pill, I still do. This is a personal preference, thanks to Dr. Rhonda Patrick. This is the only multivitamin on the market (that I have found) that has 2,000 IU of vitamin D3. It’s so hard to find that. You’ll usually find about 200-500 IU and where you’ll need to take an additional 1,000 IU in other pills. While they don’t have calcium IN the vitamin, they have the other nutrients that support the development of calcium and how you absorb it in your daily diet.

I tried Ritual Multivitamin — Here's Why Ritual Is the Best Multivitamin For Women in 2023 17139 1451790I tried Ritual Multivitamin — Here's Why Ritual Is the Best Multivitamin For Women in 2023 17139

What are the benefits of Ritual vitamins?

Take any time. You can take this any time of day AND on an empty stomach

No Nausea. I LOVE that there is no nausea, fish burps, or anything gross about the Ritual vitamin experience. In the past, multi’s would make me feel SO sick that I stopped taking them altogether.

Time-delayed release. Their capsules are a time-delayed release. It bypasses your stomach, so it doesn’t get broken down by your stomach acids, and makes sure your nutrients get deposited where they absorb best — past your stomach!

It’s minty! This might be the most brilliant multivitamin experience ever. Every multivitamin bottle puts a mint tab so that when you open the bottle, the smell of gross vitamins doesn’t hit your nose. You get a pleasant, minty scent. In their prenatal, it’s a lemon tab.

Most importantly, I feel great! I have more energy, thanks to the B12! I’ve noticed that my skin has improved. A lot of benefits with vitamins you won’t “see,” but it’s certainly doing stuff in your body. You can read more about that here but trust that it is working, especially since these ingredients are 100% what your body needs.

Not just for women. Ritual started with just the women’s multivitamins but has now expanded to Postnatal , menopause, and a multi for men.

The Verdict

I’ve been taking Ritual for a little over four years now and can confidently say it is the best multivitamin on the market. The ingredients are top-notch, no added fillers or junk in them, and they taste good (grapefruit flavor). If you’re looking for an all-in-one multivitamin covering your nutritional bases, Ritual is worth checking out.

Shop Bundle Deals and save $10 on your first month of Ritual!

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I tried Ritual Multivitamin — Here's Why Ritual Is the Best Multivitamin For Women in 2023 17139

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