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Portable Keyboard for Working From Home: Say Goodbye to Aching Wrists!

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Improper WFT Ergonomics

Improper WFT Ergonomics

Proper WFT Ergonomics

Proper WFT Ergonomics

Without a home office or desk, I had to get creative with my WFH set-up. As I’m sure you have, too.

Now that you’ve been working from home at your kitchen table for more than a year now, I can say honestly that working from a small apartment with no space for a home office (or even a desk) is tough. Creating a home office set-up without space for it is even tougher. With no room for a separate monitor, we’ve all had to focus on the home office gear we have space for, namely, portable home office gear.

Are you working on your computer correctly? It’s International Wellness Week so let’s talk ergonomics!

This week is Logitech’s International Wellness Week (March 1–5), a weeklong celebration of wellness and ergonomics in which Logitech is empowering our community to understand that when we work better, we feel better and when we feel better, we work better.

You all know how important health and wellness are in my everyday life and ergonomics is a huge part of that because we need to think about our whole selves during the journey. Unfortunately, the laptop’s compact design, with an attached screen and keyboard, forces us into awkward postures.

According to experts, just because you don’t feel any pain typing on your computer doesn’t mean that you are okay. What you might not know is that a lot of repetitive strain injuries might be happening due to years of inappropriate sitting and typing ergonomics.

I’ve been WFH for the last 13-ish years, but if you’re new to it, having the proper setup is important, even if your desk is your dining table like mine.

Luckily the Logitech Ergo products help enhance your productivity and well-being! I’ve been using the Logitech K380, which is best for comfortable laptop-style typing in smaller work areas–with the MX Ergo Trackball, which helps place your mouse closer for less arm reach, more comfort, and better body posture.


Logitech International Wellness Week ergonomics

Logitech MX ERGO Trackball

The Logitech MX ERGO Trackball is best for reducing wrist and hand movement, and improving hand posture.

Customized comfort

Choose the best angle, 0 or 20 Degree, the smart, adjustable metal hinge lets your personalize your level of comfort with a natural hand position and more comfort than a mouse

Rechargeable battery

Up to 70 days of power on a single charge; Nominal value : 380 dpi. This aspect I really like about this mouse is that the mouse seems like it could go on forever on a single charge! The documentation indicates that you can get 4 months off a single charge, which probably based on daily use, but I have experienced 6-8 months off a single charge. You can also get at least 2 days off a 10-minute charge!

Dual connectivity

You can use with up to 3 Linux, Windows or Mac computers via included Unifying receiver or Bluetooth smart wireless technology

Logitech International Wellness Week 2.JPG

Logitech K380 Keyboard

The Logitech K380 is best for comfortable laptop-style typing in smaller work areas –  place your mouse closer for less arm reaching, more comfort, and better body posture. The K380 embraces an impressive number of platforms and lets you easily juggle up to three devices. Its compact layout could be too squished for larger hands, though.

With the laptop at wrist-level and at an ergonomic slant to further protect my wrists, you can prop your laptop up on a stack of books to make the screen level with my eyes. Before getting a wireless keyboard, I couldn’t follow that tried-and-true ergonomic advice without painfully straining my wrists to type: Now, it’s easy. I can even keep my laptop a farther distance from my eyes, to reduce strain, and sitting upright in my chair is a whole lot easier.

Beyond its technological abilities, this keyboard is also convenient for my home office-less WFH life, as it will for you! It’s slim, flat and wireless, so tucking it into my work bag is easy, and it’s super lightweight, so I can take it wherever my laptop goes. It’s also pretty for visual types: I got the white but you can also get it in a gorgeous rose model, and the soft pink shade gives me a tiny jolt of happiness every time you look at it. (The keyboard is also available in dark gray and dark blue.)

Ready to work better feel better? I am! Check out the Logitech Ergo series on Logitech.com, Amazon, and Best Buy!

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