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Sayulita Travel Guide – Insider’s Tips for an Amazing Trip

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When it comes to choosing a wellness vacation spot, there are a lot of things to consider. But if you’re looking for an idyllic and affordable getaway that will make you feel like you’ve been transported to another world, Sayulita is the place for you. This little Mexican town has everything you need for an unforgettable trip, from stunning beaches and lush jungles to delicious healthy food and friendly locals. So if you’re ready to escape the crowds and experience some real paradise, read on for our insider’s guide to Sayulita!

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    Where is Sayulita, Mexico?

    This slice of Mexican paradise is filled with beautiful beaches, a relaxed surfer vibe, and a boho chic sensibility. This is where Mexico meets Malibu. This small town is located on the Riviera Nayarit and is known for its stunning beaches, friendly locals, and laid-back atmosphere. Sayulita has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a place to relax or an adventure-filled getaway.

    My earliest memory of this beachy town dates back to the mid-90s. This was long before it was the “happening destination” and more of a super sleepy surf town that only those in the know knew about. And, as the years have changed this place, it is still simply the perfect place to be.


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    It had been many moons since I sat in your golden sand, eating tacos de pescado, surrounded by the resplendent beauty of this pueblo magico.

    The Mexican government just designated Sayulita one of its Pueblos Magicos, a pretty polarizing award igniting ire in some locals dreading the bus loads of day trippers from Punta Mita and Puerto Vallarta and glee in others that see ample opportunities for economic growth. But, to me, Sayulita will always have a special place in my heart.

    Ready to live the little things in Sayulita? Let’s dive in!

    Where to Eat Well

     Naty’s Cocina, I dream of this place when I’m back in the States. You know you’re going local when you wake up and can eat a taco for breakfast, and the best place for this craving is Naty’s Cocina (only open until 2pm). My favorite is the chicken mole. Wow, my mouth is watering right now.

    El Jakal is perfect for an authentic Sayulita lunchtime experience. Staples like the coconut shrimp and ceviche tostada are a must, but be sure to ask about today’s catch. You may get to try rare surprises, like a stingray ceviche!

    Estrella de Mar Mariscos is a family-run restaurant that opened on the Northside of town that I’ve added to my list after trying their octopus ceviche. All outdoors, the menu is simple, fresh, and delicious. The perfect beach fare. Another is Su Casa where you can easily find yourself hanging out here nightly enjoying the fresh cocktails, live band, and good-looking staff. And when I tried the freshly smoked ribs, it was a game changer.

    A small homestyle Mexican restaurant, Sayulita Café infuses fine dining but in a very Sayulita way. This is the kind of restaurant where they never forget a face, and they’ll “make” a table in a packed house for a friend just returning into town for the winter.


    Because I love a good cup of coffee, Coffee on the Corner is a great place to stop for morning coffee. They even offer bulletproof coffee and other keto-friendly food options. Yah-Yah is another coffee shop worth checking out. It’s a coffee shop and cafe offering 100% Mexican coffee and delicious food with vegan and gluten-free options.

    The beautiful retro-style wall mural of Paletas La Reinita will catch your eye, but the delicious ice pops and granitas in exotic pairings and cocktails are what will keep you coming back. Try the piña con chile or the rum, coconut, and mango; and if you want a really authentic Mexican experience, try a raicilla granita!

    photo credit: Paletas La Reinita

    photo credit: Paletas La Reinita


    Located in the center of town, right on the square, Bar Don Pato’s is perfectly positioned to be your go-to bar in Sayulita every night after dinner, with a live band playing 6 nights a week and an open mic night on Tuesdays. If a low-key glass of wine is more your scene, try Le Zouave de Hafa, a wine bar opened the last year by the same owners of the Petite Hotel Hafa and right downstairs! In line with Hafa, this intimate wine bar has gorgeous Moroccan decor and, true to the Mignot family, is a favorite of the ex-pats and surfers of Sayu. To be honest, during my recent time in Sayulita, the bars in town were packed! For a more casual option, I’ve been really into beach fires over a bottle of Clase Azul Reposado or chilling out while living to live reggae at Su Casa.

    Fresh, Clean Eats

    While the town’s small size makes it hard for too many restauranteurs to venture into the market, a lot of spots now cater to various dietary needs. Sayulita’s boho-wellness vibe is seen around town with their amazing selection of places to eat… clean! This family-run restaurant Yeikame serves mostly Mexican dishes and also pays homage to the local indigenous culture through the murals featuring Huichol elements on its brightly colored walls. While not strictly vegetarian, the restaurant serves quite a few meat-free dishes, like the blue corn quesadillas and the huevos rancheros.

    One of the few places in town that commit 100% to only serving vegan and vegetarian cuisine, Veggie Land is open all day for all three meals and is influenced by traditional Mexican cooking methods. The owners source fresh produce from local farmers, allowing for a farm-to-table experience that appeals to any type of eater. While this taco restaurant serves many meat-based dishes, El Itacate’s meatless section on the menu takes up quite a bit of space and is truly delicious. Some vegetarian tacos on offer include garlic mushrooms, poblano chile strips with cheese, and carrot “tinga” – a dish normally made from shredded chicken in a chipotle and tomato sauce. Atico Breakfast Cafe & Bar is a vibrant café that serves vegetarian and vegan breakfasts. Besides delicious dishes like wholemeal pancakes made from scratch and perfectly poached eggs, the highlight of this place is its quirky atmosphere with swing seats! Orangy is a juice bar that exclusively serves vegetarian and vegan options, ranging from what they call “liquid breakfasts” (juice blends with yogurt) and amazing smoothies to more solid menu items like breakfast bowls with fruit, and healthy toppings including chia, flax, or granola. It’s the ideal healthy start to the day.

    Sayulita Travel Guide - Insider’s Tips for an Amazing Trip image asset

    Sayulita Travel Guide - Insider’s Tips for an Amazing Trip image asset


    Where to stay in Sayulita

    Petit Hotel Hafa ≫ The first place I stayed in Sayulita, I always visit the Hafa team when I’m in town. Founded by Christophe & Marina Mignot, this 6-room boutique hotel is the epitome of the boho-chic traveler’s dream, blending Mexican art and a Moroccan aesthetic in a gorgeous oasis right in the heart of town and just a few minute’s walk from the beach.

    Villa Amor ≫ A few years ago, I would have said Villa Amor was a bit of a hike away, but with the town ever-growing, Villa Amor’s proximity to the town center seems to be growing as well! This stunning mini-resort rises out of the surrounding jungle hillsides of Sayulita, overlooking the ocean with beautiful traditional Mexican palapas-style architecture. Close enough but far away, this is the perfect retreat overlooking the water for a little R&R.

    Airbnb ≫ Villa rentals were always a booming business in Sayulita, but many property owners have upped their game with Airbnb! If this is your first time in Sayulita, why not stay at an Airbnb and get a first-hand insider’s experience? If Sayulita and MTV Cribs had a modern Morrocan lovechild, this four-bedroom beachfront villa would be complete with a private bar, chef on request, and amazing surf break views. Traveling a little lower key? Try this jungle hideaway, a little removed from the town’s main drag with mango, banana, jackfruit, and passion fruit trees on the property, amazing ocean views, and access to a rooftop terrace that I spent many a night star gazing.


    Where to Shop

    For such a small town, there is no shortage of boutiques in Sayulita, with many functioning as galleries as well, displaying beautiful made-in-Mexico crafts and artisanal goods. My apartment in Portland could practically be filled and look like a gallery with pieces displayed from some of my favorites. It’s not, though.

    This concept store, gallery, and bohemian lair is a destination itself. Pachamama has been featured in international mags like Elle alongside owners Les Gazelles and the Mignot sisters. The Mignot family is tantamount to Sayulita royalty. With family spread through the Caribbean, Europe, and North Africa, they have become world-renowned as synonymous with gypsy life and style. I have yet to spend a vacation in Sayulita without buying something from Pachamama, from bags and dresses to Pachamama’s well-known take on the colorful embroidered Mexican wedding dress; even if you don’t buy anything, it’s a great place to visit and check out..

    Set up like a Mexican bazaar, Gypsy Galeria is one of those shops where you’ll want to leave with everything. Do NOT enter this store unless you’re fully prepped with an extra suitcase. From hand-painted Mexican tiles to revamp your kitchen or bathroom to paintings, crosses, and ceramics, this is one of my favorite places in town to shop for souvenirs for friends and family back home in San Francisco or Portland.

    You know that cool friend, the one that has the immaculately decorated loft in earthy soothing tones, which each piece telling a travel story? Chances are, she has a piece from Evoke. With pop-ups in NYC (where owner Brittney Borjeson hails from) and a new beachside outpost, Spirit, this zen shop should be on your shopping trail when hitting the town. For sale, you’ll find beautiful locally made clothing, textiles and jewelry, many of which are made by the Huichol tribe. What sets Evoke’s textiles apart from what you might see being sold in the town square are simply the soft, beautiful colors.

    Located in the center of town, the amazing jolly rancher-colored chandelier was what first drew me into Ula Boutique. The only thing brighter than the neon pompoms (another Huichol artisanal trademark) is the smile of owner Paola.

    Things to do in Sayulita

    Enjoy the Beach. Sayulita is a boho surf town that has grown from a few surf shacks to a blossoming and vibrant boho town. Take a surf lesson, boogie board, go Standup Paddleboarding (SUP) or just lay out and people watch. Sayulita’s life revolves around the waves, so embrace beach time! There are some smaller, less crowded beaches in the area, like Playa Escondido and Play Pedro that are my favorites to take in the sunset and spend a great day with friends. Make friends with a local and find out about some others! There is also Playa de los Muertos is one of Sayulita’s most appealing treasures. Tucked away in a little nook of a cove just a few minutes away from the main, downtown beach, many of the swells that roll into the main beach, bringing thrills to wave-riders of all sorts, are blocked by Punta Sayulita.

    Jungle Hikes! The terrain surrounding this beach town is breathtaking; there are points where it the jungle seems to cascade down into the beach. There are a variety of levels, from the short hike from Villa Amor, which you can do with your sandals, to the steep hike up Nanzal Hill that gives you panoramic views of the town of Sayulita, the bay, Punta Sayulita, and Monkey Mountain. Monkey Mountain is the most difficult hike in the immediate area surrounding Sayulita, averaging about 4 hours of rugged terrain. The mountain is considered sacred to the Huichol Indians, and the trail winds through dense forests, ripe with wildlife from ocelots and jaguars to macaws and jays and beautiful flora and forest canopy. The view is spectacular: a 360-degree view from Bahia de Banderas to San Blas.

     After a successful first year, the Sayulita Festival was back in January 2016. An International Film, Tequila, Surf & Music Festival, Festival Sayulita has already generated some buzz in Latin America. If you’ve never heard of Cumbia at El Camaron , Sayulita is the perfect place to listen to this percussion-heavy Latin American music genre. And there is no better place to dance all night to cumbia beats than beach bar El Camaron, a local favorite.


    Published August 2019; Updated, August 2022

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