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The Art of Slowing Down: 10 Wellness Tips from My Personal Journey

Embrace a balanced life filled with purpose, connection, and tranquility.

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In the hustle and bustle of today’s fast-paced world, I, too, once found myself caught in the whirlwind of tasks, targets, and timelines. Coffee-fueled days turned into sleepless nights, and before I knew it, life was flashing by in a blur. It wasn’t until a particularly overwhelming day that I realized the need to pause, breathe, and slow down. And thus began my journey toward intentional living, wellness, and balance. I’m excited to share my top ten wellness tips with you, each of which played a pivotal role in my transformation.

Take Time to Prioritize Daily Objectives.

In our day-to-day lives, everything seems crucial. However, understanding what truly demands our attention is paramount. Just as a lighthouse guides ships, prioritizing guides my daily actions, ensuring I focus on what truly matters. By concentrating on the essential tasks first, I avoid being spread too thin and can give my best to what truly requires it.

Actionable Tip: Begin each morning by listing your top three priorities. Integrate methodologies like the ‘Eisenhower Box’ to help discern between what’s urgent and what’s important.

Cut Personal Internet Use in Half.

The digital world, though captivating, can sometimes pull us away from the tangible joys of life. By consciously limiting my screen time, I’ve reconnected with offline passions that feed my soul, like painting or playing a musical instrument.

Actionable Tip: Assign specific day hours as ‘digital detox’ periods. To aid in this, consider apps like ‘Forest’ that encourage reduced screen time.

Enjoy Nature.

With its vast expanses and serene landscapes, nature acts as a balm to my urban-fatigued soul. A simple walk among trees or by a stream rejuvenates me, bringing clarity and boosting my creativity.

Actionable Tip: Dedicate time for nature outings, whether that’s a tranquil weekend hike or a short daily park visit. ‘AllTrails’ is a great app to scout for local nature trails.

Eat Slower.

Over time, I’ve realized that our relationship with food defines our relationship with ourselves. Taking the time to savor each bite, feeling the texture, and truly tasting my meals has transformed eating from a chore to a cherished ritual.

Actionable Tip: Practice mindful eating. Consider tools such as ‘Mindful Eating journals or apps to aid you in this journey.

Connect with Family and Friends.

In a world dominated by fleeting digital connections, face-to-face interactions become gold. The energy of heartfelt conversations, shared laughter, and creating memories with loved ones has been a bedrock of my well-being.

Actionable Tip: Dedicate specific days or evenings for uninterrupted time with family and friends. Make it special – maybe a phone-free dinner night or a board game evening.

Make Time for Yourself.

Every person needs a sanctuary, a time, and a place to be alone. For me, this could be an hour of yoga, a session of reading, or just lying down listening to my favorite music.

Actionable Tip: Set aside a ‘me-time’ each day. Discover apps like ‘Calm’ or ‘Insight Timer’ to explore guided relaxation techniques. Take it a step further with Muse meditation headband. And if you do, use code WELLNESSBUM and snag 20% off. 

Give Yourself More Time.

Life isn’t a race. I’ve found that by slowing down, not only do I make fewer errors, but I also enjoy the process more. Whether it’s a project or a simple task, a touch of patience can work wonders.

Actionable Tip: Plan your tasks with a buffer time. Incorporate time-management strategies like the ‘Pomodoro Technique’ to work efficiently. I love and use the Productivity Planner form Intelligent Change, inspired by the Pomodoro Technique.

Take the Scenic Route.

Sometimes, the journey, not the destination, brings joy. Opting for a scenic drive over a faster motorway or choosing to walk rather than drive has brought many unexpected joys and moments of reflection into my life.

Actionable Tip: Occasionally, swap your usual routes. Maybe walk to the local store instead of driving or choose the longer, more scenic path home.

Begin Work with a Moment of Calm.

A centered mind can achieve far more than a chaotic one. Taking moments before diving into work to meditate or breathe deeply sets a positive and focused tone for the day.

Actionable Tip: Incorporate short meditation sessions into your morning routine. Platforms like YouTube have numerous guided sessions to help you start. I personally love Muse meditation headband, but if you are looking for free options, YouTube is a great source.

Remember Your Goals and Aspirations.

Life’s hustle often makes us forget our bigger dreams. Setting aside time to reflect on my long-term goals, celebrate past milestones, and strategize for future ones keeps me aligned and motivated.

Actionable Tip: Maintain a dedicated journal for goals and aspirations. Daily or weekly, spend moments reflecting and strategizing your path forward.

The Essence of Slowing Down and Creating Routines

Slowing down benefits our mental and emotional well-being and enhances productivity and creativity. There’s a misconception that constant activity equates to productivity. In reality, our best insights often emerge in quiet moments. Allowing ourselves to slow down gives our minds the space to wander, make connections, and foster innovation.

Actionable Tips:

1. Prioritize Mindful Moments: Whether it’s a daily meditation practice, a walk without distractions, or simply taking breaks between tasks, integrate mindfulness into your routine.

2. Limit Multitasking: Contrary to popular belief, multitasking can hamper efficiency and creativity. Dedicate blocks of time to singular tasks for deeper focus and better results.

3. Unplug Regularly: Disconnect from the digital world occasionally. Whether it’s a day without social media or an evening without screens, these periods of disconnection can reignite creativity.

4. Engage in Creative Outlets: Activities like painting, writing, or dancing can stimulate the mind uniquely, fostering creativity.

5. Spend Time in Nature: Nature rejuvenates the mind. Frequent outings can offer a fresh perspective and inspire innovative ideas.


Crafting routines is more than mere habit formation. It’s about intentionally designing our lives, bringing order amidst chaos, and ensuring each day aligns with our values and aspirations. Having a routine isn’t about being rigid. It’s about creating a structure that aligns with your values, allowing room for spontaneity and joy.

Actionable Tips:

1. Start with Intention: Understanding your core values and long-term objectives before crafting a routine. Ensure your daily actions are steps towards those goals.

2. Flexibility is Key: While consistency is crucial, rigidity can be stifling. Create routines that can be adapted based on circumstances.

3. Schedule ‘Me’ Time: Your routine should include dedicated time for self-care and introspection. These moments recharge and align you.

4. Review and Adapt: At regular intervals, assess the effectiveness of your routine. Is it serving your purpose? If not, make the necessary tweaks.

5. Seek Inspiration: Read about the routines of people you admire or consider successful. While creating a routine that suits you is essential, these insights can offer valuable starting points.

Let’s Journey Together

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