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Year End Review: How to Create Your Personal Year with Intelligent Change

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    Now that 2022 is coming to a close, it is important to be mindful and evaluate the progress made throughout the year. A Personal Year End Review provides an opportunity to reflect on successes and challenges and creates momentum for the upcoming year of 2023.

    Doing a Personal Year End Review is an important way to assess your last year and prepare for the upcoming one. It’s an opportune moment to reflect on what you have achieved and consider what needs improvement.

    It allows for reflection on different aspects of life – professional and personal – such as goals accomplished, habits established or broken, what motivated us over the year, and which productive new routines can be continued into the next year.

    Taking time to pause and analyze gives perspective, allowing us to gain insight into our decisions and learn from our mistakes. It also allows us to reassess our personal goals and ambitions, ensuring we continue them with a renewed focus on the future. Doing a Personal Year End Review will enable us to gather knowledge, results, and answers that can help shape our strategies for the next year or years ahead. EngagingEngaging in this thoughtful exercise at the end of every year ensures that we are always equipped to tackle the next with clarity and purpose. Taking an honest yet compassionate look back at ourselves promotes self-awareness. It enables us to make more conscious decisions in our pursuit of well-being, prosperity, and harmony in 2023.

    Define your personal and professional goals for the year

    As the new year approaches, I’m motivated to define my personal and professional goals for the coming year. My main objective is to take my career to the next level by developing my existing skills and learning new ones. To do this, I’ve made a plan that includes challenging tasks like completing web development courses and refining my digital design capabilities. Additionally, I’m furthering my education with a business college course, which will help me become an asset to any organization. On the personal front, I aim to travel more frequently, spend time with family and friends, read books (both fiction and non-fiction), and practice mindfulness techniques to keep myself healthy. Altogether, this upcoming year will be exciting as I set off on a journey to make my goals a reality!

    Make a list of all the things you’ve accomplished this year, big and small.

    It’s been quite an eventful year, full of personal and professional accomplishments. From eating healthier to going all in on making my dreams a reality, and even the tragic loss of my beloved pup Leon, this past year has been a time of growth and achievement. I could stay in touch with friends and family more often, sign up for a new hobby class online, and even upgrade my tech skills. I also used extra time at home to live in Spain for three months and travel to Europe in the Fall to decide to uproot my life and move to Madrid this coming year—nothing too ambitious, but just enough to make my living space feel like home. Of course, my biggest accomplishment was successfully relaunching my small business, doubling down as a professional blogger, and bringing in over six figures from blogging alone. It’s been an amazing journey developing relationships with clients and accomplishing things I never thought possible. At the end of all this, I can confidently say that this year will be one of my most successful yet!

    Reflect on what went well this year and what didn’t go as planned

    This past year has been an eventful one! It’s allowed us to reflect not only on what went well but also on which expectations weren’t met to our standards. The pandemic certainly threw a wrench into some of our plans and shifted the way that we interact with each other. However, it also provided a special time of introspection, growth, and higher awareness. Although some pathways have been blocked from us this year, others surprised us by unraveling and leading to unforeseen destinations. It was a special 12 months, and we look forward to continuing to learn and grow as individuals in 2021.

    Identify any patterns or themes in your successes and failures.

    Closely examining my successes and failures has revealed a few recurrent patterns. I have noticed that when taking risks, my biggest hits come from calculated ones. When it comes to learning from mistakes, I always make sure to reflect in an honest and self-aware way – this approach helps me move forward faster and set myself up for future success. Similarly, when things haven’t gone as planned, I try to identify what went wrong to do better next time. Overall, embracing failure as a learning opportunity has become part of my mindset, which is essential for short-term and long-term outcomes.

    Set goals for next year in 2023 based on what you learned from this year’s review

    As we head into the New Year, I’m reflecting on the importance of goals and where I am today in terms of achieving them. 2021 has been an eye-opening year for me, with plenty of successes and failures to take away lessons. It’s been an incredible opportunity for growth and building skills that will help me in my future endeavors. As challenging as it has been, it also allowed me to look at what I want next year to be like. Going into 2023, I’ll be setting goals with more ambitious targets towards personal development, greater career fulfillment, and creating more meaningful connections with those closest to me. Since this review has shown me that goals can be life-changing opportunities, I’m geared to ensure each target set is achievable yet stimulating enough to take me closer to achieving all my dreams!

    Share your 2022 year review with a friend or family member to get their feedback

    2022 has been a great year for me! I have grown in ways that I never imagined. I had the opportunity to take on a leadership role in my job and complete a graduate program in my spare time. My achievements wouldn’t have been possible without the support and mentorship of friends and family members who believed in me. As I share this review with someone special, I look forward to their feedback on my progress and vision for the future, personally and professionally.

    How To Create Your Personal Year End Review with Intelligent Change Best Year Journal

    It can be daunting to wonder where you’ll be in a year. Allow the Intelligent Change Best Year Journal to turn that dread into desire.  

    As Intelligent Change says, the Best Year Journal helps you become the best version of yourself. With this journal, you will learn how to set priorities and know what is most at heart to you, and also collect your thoughts in an organized, purposeful way.

    This product is designed to help you plan out your entire year so that you can track your development over that time and forecast where you’ll be by the time the New Years’ ball drops.

    “Inside the Best Year Journal, you will discover an introduction guide on the End of Year Review and how to use this journal to make the coming year the best one ever,” says Intelligent Change, “There are six parts: Reflection, Knowledge Gained, Vision and Clarity, Personal Action Plan, the newly added Weekly Review, and Monthly Review to help you track your progress and gain regular insights.”

    The Intelligent Change Best Year Journal is an innovative way to review and reflect upon the year past, as it offers a comprehensive Personal Year End Review. This program is complete, customizable, and user-friendly, allowing users to reflect on their successes, challenges, and opportunities for growth from the recent year. This journal provides a structure for a Personal Year End Review to be successful and helps users motivate themselves to be more efficient with their daily life.

    How can the best Year Journal Help?

    The Best Year Journal is here to make your year the best it could be. From focusing on your goals, reflecting on your reasons and thoughts, and celebrating every milestone, this journal will be here for you the entire year.

    Resolutions don’t have to be given up on- they can be fulfilled, and you are more than capable of them! With guidance and additional resources, this journal helps you set your thoughts in order. You can also write notes off to the side.

    The easy-to-use templates created by professionals provide the user with step-by-step instructions to ensure each participant can make thoughtfully cultivated decisions that suit their life goals. Intelligent Change’s Best Year Journal has been praised by many who have benefited from taking a closer examination of their accomplishments over the year.

    The journal aims to help you set goals, create strategy plans, and draft ideas with a clean layout. Additionally, the Weekly Review section allows you to reflect on that week’s work to see if you are on the right path to meeting your goals.

    Things To Love About The Best Year Journal

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    Final Thought

    Taking the time to sit down and review your year can be extremely helpful in goal setting for the coming one. By reflecting on your successes and failures, you can avoid repeating negative patterns and set yourself up for a more successful year ahead. Talk through your review with a trusted friend or family member to get their perspectives on your accomplishments and goals for next year. You are wishing you all the best in meeting (and exceeding!) your personal and professional goals in 2020!

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