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5 Best-Tasting Vegan Protein Powders That Are Good For You

Explore our expert reviews of the 5 best-tasting vegan protein powders. Ideal for health-conscious consumers seeking delicious, plant-based nutrition.

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Vegan protein powder is more than just a trend. Many people, including non-vegans, are opting for plant-based protein for its nutritional and digestive benefits.

Unlike animal-based proteins like whey or casein, vegan protein powder is typically made from a combination of different plants, all providing varying levels of amino acids, nutrients, and fiber.

The more popular alternative–whey protein powder–isn’t the most digestive-friendly nor nutritionally abundant. For many people, especially those with lactose sensitivities, whey causes bloating, gas, and stomach distress. It’s simply a no-go.  

Having reviewed countless vegan protein powders on my blog, I tend to recommend certain products more than others. Not only are these vegan protein powders some of the best tasting, but they’re all gluten-free and soy-free. 

1. PlantFusion Complete Protein

PlantFusion Complete Protein is an underrated podium-topper in the world of plant-based protein powders. This premium-grade brand uses “open-book” food manufacturing processes, so PlantFusion is transparent from artificial flavorings, preservatives, soy, and GMOs.

This vegan protein powder is made from pea protein isolate, artichoke protein, organic sprouted amaranth protein powder, and organic sprouted quinoa protein powder. It packs about 4.7g of recovery-promoting BCAAs in a single-scoop serving of 21g of protein. 

PlantFusion Complete Protein comes in five unique flavors, one of which is a Natural-No Stevia option. It’s one of the cleanest, best-tasting options that’ll keep you coming back scoop after scoop, guilt-free.

PlantFusion Complete Vegan Protein Powder

PlantFusion Complete Vegan Protein Powder - Plant Based Protein Powder With BCAAs, Digestive Enzymes and Pea Protein - Keto, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Non-Dairy, No Sugar, Non-GMO - Vanilla Bean 2 lb

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2. Orgain Simple Protein

Orgain Simple Protein Powder offers a velvety smooth texture, indulging your taste buds with its rich flavor while keeping things natural by sweetening with organic coconut sugar—bypassing the need for stevia, sugar alcohols, or synthetic sweeteners.

Crafted from purely organic components, this protein medley combines pea protein, peanut flour, pumpkin seed, almond protein, and chia to deliver a comprehensive amino acid profile essential for athletic recovery and overall nourishment.

With three delightful varieties to choose from–creamy vanilla, chocolate, and peanut butter–each flavor shines on its own. The vanilla and chocolate options are some of the creamiest, complemented by a subtle malt undertone that’s deceptively dairy-free. 

Orgain Organic Simple Vegan Protein Powder

Orgain Organic Simple Vegan Protein Powder, Vanilla - 20g Plant Based Protein, Made with Fewer Ingredients, No Stevia or Artificial Sweeteners, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free - 1.25lb

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3. Sunwarrior Warrior Blend

For those embarking on a weight loss journey and in pursuit of vegan, high-performance nutrition, Sunwarrior Warrior Blend stands out as an excellent choice. It boasts an abundant amino acid profile rich in BCAAs with a gentle flavor that tastefully adds to any concoction without overwhelming the real food ingredients.

Very low-carb and keto-friendly, Sunwarrior’s flagship Warrior Blend is devoid of artificial additives and sugars. The formula is completely organic, featuring a straightforward protein powder that marries pea protein, cranberry protein, and hemp seed for a powerful recovery blend.

As clean as it gets, Sunwarrior Warrior Blend caters to both ends of the fitness spectrum, whether you’re an elite athlete or just trying to upgrade your diet.

Warrior Blend by Sunwarrior

Vegan Organic Protein Powder Plant-based | BCAA Amino Acids Hemp Seed Soy Free Dairy Free Gluten Free Synthetic Free NON-GMO | Unflavored 30 Servings | Warrior Blend by Sunwarrior

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4. PB2 Performance Peanut Protein

With roasted peanuts as the main ingredient and primary protein source, PB2 Performance Peanut Protein is a simple product that harnesses the abundant amino acid profile of peanuts. Combined brown rice and you have a complete protein that contains all essential amino acids for muscle recovery.

Available in two flavors–Madagascar Vanilla and Dutch Cocoa–PB2 Performance Peanut Protein is a delicious-tasting plant protein powder that blends exceptionally well into anything, from post-workout protein shakes to pre-workout protein powder and coffee.

The taste is rich, semi-sweet, and decadent, working well with dessert-like concoctions, like chia seed puddings, baked goods, and oatmeal. It’s about as creamy as you can get but without the dairy. It’s also a must-try if you like peanut butter-flavored protein powder.

PB2 Performance Peanut Protein Powder

PB2 Performance Peanut Protein Powder with Dutch Cocoa – [2 lb/32 oz Jar] – 20g of Vegan Plant Based Protein Powder, Non GMO, Gluten Free, Non Dairy.

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5. OWYN Plant Protein

Growing in popularity, OWYN Plant Protein has likely caught your eye while perusing the protein powder section on Amazon or at your major grocery outlet. 

It’s recognized for its use of organic cane sugar and monk fruit extract as natural sweeteners, providing a delicious and natural sweet taste. OWYN absorbs anything with ease, making it versatile for all types of ideas to mix your protein powder.

This straightforward protein powder is notably free from stevia, earning it accolades among those who prefer to avoid this particular sweetener. It boasts a minimalist blend of three proteins: pea protein concentrate, pumpkin seed protein, and chia seeds.

In my experience with vegan protein powders, OWYN confidently claims a spot in the top five for flavor excellence. I’ve sampled the Smooth Vanilla variant—characterized by its sweetly mellow creaminess with an undercurrent of bean notes—as well as the Chocolate option which presents a robust cocoa flavor that’s both rich and satisfying.

Owyn Plant Based Protein Powder

Owyn Plant Based Protein Powder with 20g Protein, Probiotics, Superfoods Greens, Pea, Chia and Pumpkin Seed Blend, Vegan, (Smooth Vanilla, 2.1 Pound - Pack of 1)

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Benefits of Vegan Protein Powder

A person pouring white vegan protein powder from a scoop into a black shaker bottle on a light wooden countertop.

No question that opting for vegan protein powder can be beneficial for your health, with many benefits backed by science, including:

  • Digestibility: Some people find plant-based protein powders easier to digest because they don’t contain lactose and they’re rich in fiber, which studies show offer a whole host of health benefits.[1]
  • Complete proteins: While many vegan proteins don’t contain all the essential amino acids, some plant-based protein powders are formulated to provide complete proteins, which are essential for muscle growth and repair.[2]
  • Blood sugar control: Not all low-carb and sugar-free protein powders are insulin resistant. However, consuming vegan options, like pea protein that contains loads of fiber, has been shown to have a positive effect on healthy blood sugar control.[3]
  • Gut health: Plant-based protein powders can help regulate gut health by promoting a healthy gut microbiome and reducing gut inflammation.[4]
  • Weight management: Naturally high in protein and fiber, many plant-based protein powders can help keep you fuller for longer, potentially aiding in weight loss and weight management.
  • Muscle strength and performance: Studies have shown that plant-based protein powders can have similar effects on muscle strength, power, and aerobic performance compared to whey protein.[5]
  • Nutrient bioavailability: Certain vegan protein powders, like sprouted and fermented protein sources (such as those found in Sunwarrior Warrior Blend,) are more bioavailable, meaning your body can break them down and use them more effectively.
  • Healthy fats: Some vegan protein powders, such as those made with coconut or MCTs (hello, Warrior Blend), contain healthy saturated fats that can help regulate hormone levels, sugar levels, and digestion.
  • Convenience nutrient density: Plant-based protein powder can be a convenient source of protein for those following a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, or for anyone looking to incorporate more plant-based protein into their diet.

Sure, some animal-based sources of protein like whey isolate offer a highly bioavailable complete protein. But the lack of added nutrients and dietary fiber makes vegan options an appealing upgrade. 

And with today’s best vegan protein powders now designed with mindfully crafted protein blends, these plant-based products rival their animal-based counterparts.

Do you have a favorite vegan protein powder that you like? Let us know in the comments section below.


Author Bio

Tyler Tafelsky is an avid vegan nutrition blogger and elite amateur cyclist who competes on the professional level. As the founder and head of content for blogs like VeganProteinPowder.reviews and BetterTriathlete.com, Tyler shares in-depth knowledge on topics related to plant-powered recovery, athletic performance, and the science of endurance sports.


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